Wedding Gown for Rent by Damsel (Makati City)

Gown for Rent b Damsel

Bride to Be’s have divided views about Buying vs Renting their Wedding Gown. But a definite rule:

  • If you are the sentimental type and you want the dress to pass down as a family heirloom, then go buy or custom made your own gown.
  • If you simply want to wear a gorgeous gown, perhaps a designer dress that you do not want to purchase, then rent it! You will get to wear it once.. so better not to deprive yourself from wearing a an Oscar dela Renta or Michael Cinco like designs. You’ll have the photographs for lifetime anyway!

As a budget bride, I’ve already made peace with myself that I will be renting a wedding gown. But I haven’t given up the idea of wearing a stunning gown with all the perfect fit and detailing from top to bottom. Good thing is that my tedious research from the internet have paid off, and found few Boutiques in Manila that offer Bridal gown rental.

Today, I will share with you my experience in Wedding Gown for Rent by Damsel.

The Store 

Gown for Rent by Damsel
Lower Ground Makati Cinema Square,
Chino Roces Avenue, Makati
(02) 403 9507
10am – 7:30pm

How to Get Here

  1. If you are coming from Edsa, alight at MRT 3 Magallanes Station.
  2. Ride a Jeep with PRC signboard. Alight at Makati Cinema Square
  3. Get inside the Mall and go to the Lower Ground.
  4. The Gown for Rent by Damsel is in the corner beside the phone accessories shops.

The Gown for Rent by Damsel encourages their client to book first an appointment before dropping by at their store. This will ensure that you have an available fitting room and styling assistant once you arrive at their store. They sent me an online booking link, and I commend it makes the experience organized. In the online booking, you’ll select a Day and Time of your appointment, the service you will avail and a Stylist to assist you with your gown selection and fitting. They are also very responsive to inquiries in their Facebook page. You can also browse thru the pictures of Gowns in their Facebook.

Gown For Rent Makati
The shop’s facade looks like a simple Gown rental shop. But you will fall in love with the store once you get inside.  When we arrived, there is a store assistant who greeted us and inquired if we have an appointment. We were advised to first browse thru the racks to select our desired gown since another client is still using the fitting area.
Gown for Rent in Makati
Gowns are neatly arranged by color. Now, I understood why they prefer appointment – to minimize the crowd inside the store so that clients will be free to roam around and select their preferred gown.
Gown For Rent by Damsel
Balloon Gowns neatly hanged to preserve its shape and volume

The Fitting Area

Gown For Rent Fitting Area Platform
Stylists will ask you if you already have a selected gown or if none, your preferred gown cut and style. She will then bring it to you and allow you to fit it. There are two fitting rooms, but one platform. After wearing the gown, the stylist will lead you to stand in the platform to further style you (high heels, petticoat, etc).
The Wedding Gowns

There are really a wide array of selection in the store – literally. The gown I really have in mind is a sexy mermaid cut that will accentuate my petite and slender body frame. The store assistant told me that they have few wedding gown in that cut but she suggested some other cut that will complement to my body frame.

First Gown – A Beaded Ball Gown

Gown For Rent by Damsel
As I remember, the stylist who assisted me is Ms. Mean. She is very polite and will really assist you in wearing the gown and will advice some designs that will look good on you.

Oops, 5 months pa pala! 💕 #bride #wedding #weddinggown

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The first picture and this one is the same gown. A balloon style wedding gown that have a beaded top. The gown looks really beautiful, I really felt like princess wearing it.

Second Gown – Lace Mermaid 
Gown For Rent by Damsel - Lace Mermaid
I tried one of their Mermaid cut gown which is made of lace from top to bottom. It is really beautiful as I envisioned, but a bit loose for me and the sleeve is a bit warm which is not advisable for me since ours is a garden wedding. The stylist advised that mermaid cut gowns are really tricky, and should be custom made for your body frame so to highlight your best body part.
Third Gown – Eight Fold Elegant Ball Gown

 Gown For Rent by Damsel

Gown For Rent by Damsel
This elegant eight fold ball gown has an intricate pearl beading on top and a beautiful embroidery from waist to down. I feel like I will be attending the Start Magic Ball wearing this gown. It is really lovely!! But since we are a Garden Wedding, this type is not really advisable. And my groom will not be able to stand by my side because of the balloon effect occupies big space around me. Hehe
The Stylists will allow you take a picture wearing the gown, so you can later on see and evaluate how you look wearing the gown.
The Price
Gown For Rent by Damsel Price
 Gown For Rent by Damsel Price
What made me be very interested in Gown for Rent by Damsel is that they offer a Wedding Rental package. For example, for 30k, you, the Groom and your whole entourage (bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girls, parents) will be covered in the package. If you have a wedding theme, for example, you can choose either a different gown style in one color scheme. An Infinity Dress is also available for your bridesmaid.
The Decision
Gowns I tried are really gorgeous! But I have have this doubt inside me. There isn’t a wow or a love at first sight feeling when I saw and worn the dresses. I didn’t feel like “this is it, this is the wedding dress I am going to wear!” I haven’t thought before that selecting a wedding gown can be this emotional. Miss Mavic, the stylist/assistant reaffirm my feeling, that if there are still doubts inside me about the dress I wanted, then do not decide yet. No pressure since my wedding is still five months away.
Disclaimer: The review for Gown for Rent by Damsel is an honest experience and initiated by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.