Letting the Sun in your Marriage

🌹To the young people asking us what relationship after getting married is like, this long read is for you. 

When me and Kevin was still dating, we felt like the hours and days are long when we were apart. 

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other when we were together, and we already missed each other’s presence the moment we bid goodbye. 

It aches until we see each other again the next day (since we are just officemates)

Then we got married. And the feeling of being apart is gone. We were together during the day, during commute, at dinner, after dinner. We were together when we sleep and woke up. All day, every day even on weekends and holidays. 

We already realized that being familiar to each other and being together all the time can really make our relationship monotonous and less fun. It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other that much but things are getting less exciting. 

So we learned a lesson that has helped us keep looking forward to our time together. 

We let the sunshine into our marriage. 

Both of us need time in the sun to grow. Our relationship needs basking in sunshine to be healthy. 

We gave each other time alone to pursue life and interests we individually have but don’t necessarily share.

We both work. I left the company where we both work. We have a separate workplace now. We share stories about each other’s experience and about our officemates. We have our own exciting naratives to share every evening and it makes us awake til midnight. 

Kevin is a talented keyboardist; a gifted musician, I say. On weekends, i woke up finding him occupied with his noise cancelling headphone studying the songs he will play in his next gig. While I on the other side, reading Quora, working on my blog and sometimes exploring on a new side hustle.   

He likes reading Manga and watching Anime series while me.. I just like to read or shop in Shopee 😂

He has his own set of friends. I have mine. He sometimes invite me to join with his friend’s gathering like watching the next Avenger series and vice versa. We were never obliged to be included in each other’s activity. 

We enjoy dining outside and traveling together. 

So most days we’re apart during the day. Doing our own thing. Growing in the sun.

When we meet up in the evening we both are looking forward to our evening walk where we catch up on the day. Enjoy hearing of each other’s adventures.

And treasure our evening and night together until the next morning when we each walk into the sunshine again.

Both of us, feeling gratitude for another day together.

Closeness in a marriage isn’t built by always being together but giving time to be apart.

Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance Right Now

You love your motorcycle. It took a lot of effort on your part before you were able to purchase it. Now that you already have it, you just want to take care of it. You may also want to improve its performance a bit so that it will truly feel special.

Improving your motorcycle’s performance does not have to be expensive. There are honda motorcycle parts online that you can purchase from different online stores that are priced just right. If you are feeling more adventurous, there are also some parts that you can find from actual stores. It might take some time before you locate the actual parts that you want but it will be worth it.

One way that you can improve your motorcycle’s performance is by doing some modifications to it. Some people would like to find honda oem parts in order to replace and not to improve the motorcycle’s parts. It will be your decision whether you simply want to improve the working motorcycle part or not.

These are some other tips that can help improve your motorcycle’s performance:

  • Install suspensions that you can adjust. This will allow your motorcycle to have compression. You can also adjust the settings depending on your weight so that the motorcycle’s performance will remain consistent the whole time that you are riding it.
  • Always check the tires of your motorcycle and apply air pressure if necessary. If your tires do not have enough air or have too much air, it will be harder for you to go through off-roads and other problematic areas.
  • Do not forget to lubricate the chain of your motorcycle. This can help improve the handling of your motorcycle. It can also improve the overall power of your motorcycle. Chains that are rusty will make your motorcycle move sluggishly. If in case the chains are already loose, have them replaced soon.
  • Regularly change the oil and air filter. There are high-quality air filters and oils that you can use on your motorcycle that will make a big difference in your motorcycle’s performance.

There may be some similarities with the things mentioned above with finding the right atv parts and accessories. Your knowledge will help you find ways to improve your motorcycle’s performance.

Angkas Padala App – Review

A review of Angkas Padala App

I did some house cleaning during the Holy Week vacation and found several items that are still good but I really wanted to let go because it is occupying much space in my room. Some are still usable and in mint condition and I feel like I will be irresponsible if I will just throw them away. So I decided to post on Facebook Marketplace.

One of it is my wedding accessories that I used during our wedding. Those are really memorable stuff but I will no longer use it again so I posted it for Php300 including my hair accessories.

I was surprised that after few hours, I got several inquiries already. One interested buyer is really swift and would want to get it that day. She was willing to shoulder the shipping cost cause the items are a good deal already. She advised me to use the Angkas Padala App and told me that I can book a rider and will even pick the item right on our doorstep even if it is already late at night.

Decided to book it morning while I am in the office the next day but I already downloaded the App that night.

You just need basic information like your full name, email and mobile number. A notification code will be texted to your mobile number to verify your registration.

Angkas Padala App

Booking a Rider is as simple as hailing a Grab Taxi. You will type your current location as the Pickup Point or the app will automatically set it when your Location Setting is on. You also type the Destination or pin it up to accurately set the destination.

Before actually booking it, the app will display the Fare, the computed distance between the pickup and destination locations, and the riders nearby. After booking it, your rider information is displayed and the estimated arrival time of the rider.

Angkas Padala AppAngkas Padala App

There is an option to contact the rider in the app, just in case you have special instruction.

After 5 minutes, the rider contacted me that he already arrived at the gate of our office and where specifically is. The rider was polite and instructed me to accomplish the form expecting both the information, address, contact number of both sender and receiver. The rider asked for s favor to contact the receiver that he is already on the way so that he will be expected.

Fare from East Avenue to Greenhills is only 90php and arrived in less than 15 minutes. The receiver paid for the parcel’s fare. One good thing about the app is that you can monitor real-time the location of the rider during the transit of your parcel.

The Angkas Padala can also be used as a ride sharing where you will also ride with the driver. They arrive with an extra helmet. Haven’t tried it yet but i think it is good to use when there is a scarcity of public transport around and you do not want to spend a hefty amount on taxi fare. Will update this post when I availed of that service.

The app is good and served me well with the service that I needed. A good alternative to Couriers that offers door to door pick up and delivery service. A good choice also when you need to have an item delivered immediately into a different location.

The App is available both on iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: The review of the Angkas Padala App is purely based on my own initiative and opinion.

Lovers in the City – a Date Diary

We are Wilma and Kevin, and we are lovers in the city of Quezon.
We often look for new and uncommon places to go.
We just love to wander and appreciate things that are around.
We love to shoot the foods we ate.
We habitually share it on our each Instagram and Facebook feeds.
We just love to make new experiences together.

Often, our friends would us ask us about the recently place we visited, or the food we ate that we shared on our social network accounts. Or simply, they solicit recommendation of the things to try when they will go on a date..

So we decided to create this blog as our public date diary.

We are not a professional food critic or a writer. We just write based on our appreciation and experience. We hope that this blog will serve as a date guide and an inspiration to other couples.

We would love to hear from you! Simply say Hi on the comment box below or drop us an email. We will surely respond when we have time!

Godbless, and Enjoy!