Letting the Sun in your Marriage

ūüĆĻTo the young people asking us what relationship after getting married is like, this long read is for you. 

When me and Kevin was still dating, we felt like the hours and days are long when we were apart. 

We couldn‚Äôt keep our hands off each other when we were together, and we already missed each other‚Äôs presence the moment we bid goodbye. 

It aches until we see each other again the next day (since we are just officemates)

Then we got married. And the feeling of being apart is gone. We were together during the day, during commute, at dinner, after dinner. We were together when we sleep and woke up. All day, every day even on weekends and holidays. 

We already realized that being familiar to each other and being together all the time can really make our relationship monotonous and less fun. It wasn‚Äôt that we didn‚Äôt love each other that much but things are getting less exciting. 

So we learned a lesson that has helped us keep looking forward to our time together. 

We let the sunshine into our marriage. 

Both of us need time in the sun to grow. Our relationship needs basking in sunshine to be healthy. 

We gave each other time alone to pursue life and interests we individually have but don’t necessarily share.

We both work. I left the company where we both work. We have a separate workplace now. We share stories about each other‚Äôs experience and about our officemates. We have our own exciting naratives to share every evening and it makes us awake til midnight. 

Kevin is a talented keyboardist; a gifted musician, I say. On weekends, i woke up finding him occupied with his noise cancelling headphone studying the songs he will play in his next gig. While I on the other side, reading Quora, working on my blog and sometimes exploring on a new side hustle.   

He likes reading Manga and watching Anime series while me.. I just like to read or shop in Shopee ūüėā

He has his own set of friends. I have mine. He sometimes invite me to join with his friend‚Äôs gathering like watching the next Avenger series and vice versa. We were never obliged to be included in each other‚Äôs activity. 

We enjoy dining outside and traveling together. 

So most days we’re apart during the day. Doing our own thing. Growing in the sun.

When we meet up in the evening we both are looking forward to our evening walk where we catch up on the day. Enjoy hearing of each other’s adventures.

And treasure our evening and night together until the next morning when we each walk into the sunshine again.

Both of us, feeling gratitude for another day together.

Closeness in a marriage isn’t built by always being together but giving time to be apart.

Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance Right Now

You love your motorcycle. It took a lot of effort on your part before you were able to purchase it. Now that you already have it, you just want to take care of it. You may also want to improve its performance a bit so that it will truly feel special.

Improving your motorcycle’s performance does not have to be expensive. There are honda motorcycle parts online that you can purchase from different online stores that are priced just right. If you are feeling more adventurous, there are also some parts that you can find from actual stores. It might take some time before you locate the actual parts that you want but it will be worth it.

One way that you can improve your motorcycle’s performance is by doing some modifications to it. Some people would like to find honda oem parts in order to replace and not to improve the motorcycle’s parts. It will be your decision whether you simply want to improve the working motorcycle part or not.

These are some other tips that can help improve your motorcycle’s performance:

  • Install suspensions that you can adjust. This will allow your motorcycle to have compression. You can also adjust the settings depending on your weight so that the motorcycle‚Äôs performance will remain consistent the whole time that you are riding it.
  • Always check the tires of your motorcycle and apply air pressure if necessary. If your tires do not have enough air or have too much air, it will be harder for you to go through off-roads and other problematic areas.
  • Do not forget to lubricate the chain of your motorcycle. This can help improve the handling of your motorcycle. It can also improve the overall power of your motorcycle. Chains that are rusty will make your motorcycle move sluggishly. If in case the chains are already loose, have them replaced soon.
  • Regularly change the oil and air filter. There are high-quality air filters and oils that you can use on your motorcycle that will make a big difference in your motorcycle‚Äôs performance.

There may be some similarities with the things mentioned above with finding the right atv parts and accessories. Your knowledge will help you find ways to improve your motorcycle’s performance.

Angkas Padala App – Review

A review of Angkas Padala App

I did some house cleaning during the Holy Week vacation and found several items that are still good but I really wanted to let go because it is occupying much space in my room. Some are still usable and in mint condition and I feel like I will be irresponsible if I will just throw them away. So I decided to post on Facebook Marketplace.

One of it is my wedding accessories that I used during our wedding. Those are really memorable stuff but I will no longer use it again so I posted it for Php300 including my hair accessories.

I was surprised that after few hours, I got several inquiries already. One interested buyer is really swift and would want to get it that day. She was willing to shoulder the shipping cost cause the items are a good deal already. She advised me to use the Angkas Padala App and told me that I can book a rider and will even pick the item right on our doorstep even if it is already late at night.

Decided to book it morning while I am in the office the next day but I already downloaded the App that night.

You just need basic information like your full name, email and mobile number. A notification code will be texted to your mobile number to verify your registration.

Angkas Padala App

Booking a Rider is as simple as hailing a Grab Taxi. You will type your current location as the Pickup Point or the app will automatically set it when your Location Setting is on. You also type the Destination or pin it up to accurately set the destination.

Before actually booking it, the app will display the Fare, the computed distance between the pickup and destination locations, and the riders nearby. After booking it, your rider information is displayed and the estimated arrival time of the rider.

Angkas Padala AppAngkas Padala App

There is an option to contact the rider in the app, just in case you have special instruction.

After 5 minutes, the rider contacted me that he already arrived at the gate of our office and where specifically is. The rider was polite and instructed me to accomplish the form expecting both the information, address, contact number of both sender and receiver. The rider asked for s favor to contact the receiver that he is already on the way so that he will be expected.

Fare from East Avenue to Greenhills is only 90php and arrived in less than 15 minutes. The receiver paid for the parcel’s fare. One good thing about the app is that you can monitor real-time the location of the rider during the transit of your parcel.

The Angkas Padala can also be used as a ride sharing where you will also ride with the driver. They arrive with an extra helmet. Haven’t tried it yet but i think it is good to use when there is a scarcity of public transport around and you do not want to spend a hefty amount on taxi fare. Will update this post when I availed of that service.

The app is good and served me well with the service that I needed. A good alternative to Couriers that offers door to door pick up and delivery service. A good choice also when you need to have an item delivered immediately into a different location.

The App is available both on iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: The review of the Angkas Padala App is purely based on my own initiative and opinion.

Studio1 Photography (Wedding Photo and Video Supplier Review)

If not all, most soon to be wed couple will agree that a quality Photo and Video Supplier is something you do not want to forgo on your wedding day. Your wedding day is your most awaited and most “expensive” day that ironically will easily pass, and you want to relive and reminisce every moment thru a well-captured photos and quality videos. You cannot just wish that your guest will capture awesome moments on your wedding which you will be delighted looking at because most of it will be their selfies, awra outfit”, the beautiful backdrop and the food in their plate – but not necessarily about you being wed. #realtalk

We booked Studio1 Photography at SM Megamall¬†Wedding Expo last May 2017. Studio1 is present in almost all Wedding Expo in Metro Manila and Luzon or even overseas like Singapore.¬†If you are organizing a budget wedding but do not want to compromise on the quality, then Studio1 is a great candidate. If you’ve been inquiring about rates of famous Wedding Photographers or even unknown one which you see in Facebook, their rate may start from P40,000 to Php100,000. Most of them offer purely photography service only and no video. You will even add an extra for Prenup Photo or a Wedding album. What encouraged us to get Studio1 is that they already included almost everything you will ever think off for your Photo and Video concern – think about convenience and less hassle wedding preparation!

Studio 1 Photography


  • Basic 2 Package (the one we got) costs¬† 29,750 (Discounted at 15% during the fair)
  • Includes 2 Photographers and 1 Videographer
  • Prenup Photo & Save the Date Video
  • On Site Video Production (Same Day Edit, Growing Up, Prenup Photos and Couple Photos in Slideshow)
  • Photobooth (3 hours)
  • Thank you Cards
  • Digital Frames of your Prenup Pictures which will be displayed on your Wedding Reception
  • Photo Gallery (6pcs) and one life size standee which are your Prenup Photos printed on Card Board (you will take this home after your wedding)
  • Magnetic Wedding Album
  • Guest Book
  • LCD Projector and Wide Screen

Studio1 seldom posts photo and video of their clients on their Facebook page or Website. You just really have to trust your guts on what you see on their booth during the expo and what you will read from reviews on Wedding Forums and Blogs.

Here is the Studio 1 Photography Portfolio in Vimeo


After Sales:

  • Great thing about Studio1 is that they are systematic and very organized – their photographers/videographers are separate from the administrative side of bookings like payment and schedules. Upon booking, they will give you a signed contract and the post-booking guidelines. The post booking guidelines almost answer everything like the schedule of your next payment, mode of payment, things you need to submit, timeline, what department and their respective contact info if you need something like Accounting, Scheduling, Pre and Post Production Materials, etc. Judging from that kind of system, I am convinced that Studio1 is not just a budding Photo/Video supplier operated by starting artists but a formidable company already in the Wedding Photography Industry.
  • The Accounting department will follow you up¬†on your succeeding payment within your payment schedule. Which I appreciate since with all the stuff that are running in your mind for your wedding preparations, payment deadline maybe one that you will miss.
  • The Scheduling department contacted us for the schedule of our prenup and also reminded us that we need to submit a song that will be used for our¬† Save the Date.
  • They are quick to answer queries thru phone, email and SMS. I also appreciate that they are open during weekend and holidays and some of their personnel will even answer your queries even during their day off or leave thru their personal number.
  • They will reach you when your video and photo is ready for your evaluation. A month before your wedding, they will reach you for to submit your selected prenup photos for Photo Gallery, Standee, Photobooth, Guest Book, Thank you Card, Grown Up pictures, Couple Pictures and songs. If you are a hands-on bride (or groom) and at the same time preoccupied with your work and other activities, Studio1 is a great help to make sure that you do not miss anything on your Photo/Video during your wedding day!

Prenup Shoot:

  • A day or two before our scheduled prenup, your assigned photographer and videographer will contact you and will confirm the time and place of your shoot. They will even suggest some place they already know that may be accessible from where you are coming from.¬† During the day of our shoot, they were ahead of time and have already did advance inspection on the possible areas as background.
  • Studio 1 package doesn’t cover your prenup styling, makeup and outfit so it is up to you to provide for your gowns, backdrop set up or DIYs. They encourage a three to four change of outfit and location. If you really have some Prenup peg in mind, hire a stylist or conceptualize. Just make sure that you have a separate team to do that during your prenup. Be in the location in advance and make sure that everything is set up (make up, set up, clothes) before your agreed time of shoot.
  • Our friend who also got Studio 1 even met their photographer and videographer before the day of their prenup shoot to tell them of their prenup ideas and what they want to achieve.
  • For the Photographer, i am really delighted to have hired a professional photographer. Studio1’s photographers and videographers will¬† choreograph you and your partner with poses and the right angle. Kung hindi ka talaga artista at sanay sa camera, mauubusan ka talaga¬†ng pose at mahihiyang¬†umanggulo.¬†Imagine, you will pose for different photos for three hours. The staff are easy to get with at parang hindi nakaka ilang o pressure.¬†Our photographer always reminds my fiance to tuck his “extra rice” or to always chin up to hide his double chin.¬†We appreciate that they will not just take our pictures but will make sure that the couple will look good and above all will express their natural self in the camera. We are very happy with the output and cannot wait to post it on our Facebook timeline when we got it!
  • For the Videographer: Our Save the Date Video was so-so. We have shown a video inspiration to the videographer and he confirmed that he got the idea but will add his “style”. It was nice (editing and video wise) but we didn’t really like the overall video. We were not expecting a viral video kind but when we saw it, it was not that something we are proud to share on our timeline.¬† Though not a big deal to us since we are already happy with the Prenup Photos. Our friend who also took Studio1 as their Photo/Video were very assertive to point that they had three revision and even came to Studio1 office to relay to the Video Editor how they want their video to be done. It is really up to you! Glad that Studio1 allows post editing and even will consider your suggestions on their work.
  • If you want to get the raw video taken during your prenup (maybe you want to edit it by yourself), they will ask for an additional payment.

Here is a Gallery of our Prenup Photographs

Pre-Wedding Materials

  • Two weeks after your prenup shoot, Studio1 is expected to contact you to give you the copy of your Prenup Photos in CD. You have to pick it up at their office.
  • They will also send you the link of your edited Save the Date Video on their Vimeo Account
  • You have to choose from your prenup photos your the picture that you want for your AVP slideshow, Photo Gallery, Thank you cards, Photobooth Template, Digital Frame, Lifesize Standee. You may email your selected photo’s to Studio1’s pre production department or submit it thru USB in their office. You have to submit this at least one month before your wedding so they have enough time to prepare the materials. They will submit to you sample layouts of Thank you Card, Guest Book, Photobooth templates which you have to approve before their actual printing. If you will not reply or comply with their given schedule, they will publish their work and consider it as “Artist’s Choice”

During the Event

  • A day or two before your event, Studio 1 Schedule Department will text you of the team members that will be incharge of your wedding. Ours are 8 including 2 Photographer, 1 Videographer, 1 Editor, 1 Lightsman, 1 Photobooth Operator and Driver. One thing I appreciate about it is you will know the exact number of crew meal that you will prepare.
  • The Lead Photographer Roldan is impressive. His captures are great and will make sure that you look good on your photo. When I was still wearing a robe, he asked to take my semi-boudoir shot and I applaud that he is able to ask you to do a pose without any hint of “malisya”. Please brides, do not forget to ask a glamour shot of you wearing your wedding gown! That was somethng I regret since my make¬†up artists were late, I was the one late to be dressed up. ūüôĀ We were in a hurry during our photo and video session.
  • It is good that you tell the shot that you want, like in our case us, our Wedding Ceremony set up has a very beautiful cross made with flower back drop. We requested to have a shot in front of it, and it was perfect. Do not hesitate to tell what you want, you paid for them in the first place. But do not overdo it like insisting “other photographer’s” style on them.
  • It is part of the contract that Projector and Widescreen will be provided by Studio1 and they did not bring one. The leader of the team said that they forgot since there were several coverage being done by Studio1 that day. Thank God that our venue has a back up Projector lent to us.
  • Also make sure that your coordinator will double check all their materials. Studio1 can accommodate several weddings per day and they may be confused with the materials they brought like your Wedding Standee, Gallery. My fiance now my husband told me that the Photobooth picture displays other couple’s photo. Thank God it was still early and their team was able to get the correct photo from their main office.
  • The Same Day Edit is gorgeous and everybody is really happy about it. Their work is not a perfection but we are very happy because they are able to capture the emotions and the sense of the wedding.
  • Prepare a USB where your Same Day Edit will be saved. The team handed us a CD after our wedding but we were disappointed that it only contained our Save the Date, Growing Up Videos but the Same Day Edit is not in it. We waited for at least three weeks for them to upload it on their Vimeo account.¬†¬†For us, it was a long turn around time but we were still in the wedding blizz so we didn’t stress about it.

Here is the Gallery of our Wedding Photos 

Post Event Materials

  • It will take around two weeks for them to release your official wedding photo. Though we wish that we will get a copy just after the wedding, the turn around time is still quick compared to our other colleagues who got their official wedding photos a year after their wedding.
  • Feedback from Studio1 in Forums says that it will took a long time for them to turn over your post event materials like Full Video Coverage, Wedding Album, Blow up picture. True indeed.¬† You really need to follow them up from time to time to the point na sobrang kulit mo na until they will give your request.

Total Review

For budget brides, I will give 9/10 feedback to Studio1. They provide value for money and will give you more than what you paid for! Photo and Video suppliers are really expensive and we are very glad to have found Studio1 for our wedding!

Wedding Gown for Rent by Damsel (Makati City)

Bride to Be’s have divided views about Buying vs Renting their Wedding Gown. But a definite rule:

  • If you are the sentimental type and you want the dress to pass down as a family heirloom, then go buy or custom made your own gown.
  • If you simply want to wear a gorgeous gown, perhaps a designer dress that you do not want to purchase, then rent it!¬†You will get to wear it once.. so better not to deprive yourself from wearing a an¬†Oscar dela Renta or Michael Cinco like designs. You’ll have the photographs for lifetime anyway!

As a budget bride, I’ve already made peace with myself that I will be renting a¬†wedding gown. But I haven’t given up the idea of wearing a stunning gown with all the perfect fit and detailing from top to bottom. Good thing is that my tedious research from the internet have paid off, and found few Boutiques in Manila that offer Bridal gown rental.

Today, I will share with you my experience in Wedding Gown for Rent by Damsel.

The Store 

Gown for Rent by Damsel
Lower Ground Makati Cinema Square,
Chino Roces Avenue, Makati
(02) 403 9507
10am – 7:30pm

How to Get Here

  1. If you are coming from Edsa, alight at MRT 3 Magallanes Station.
  2. Ride a Jeep with PRC signboard. Alight at Makati Cinema Square
  3. Get inside the Mall and go to the Lower Ground.
  4. The Gown for Rent by Damsel is in the corner beside the phone accessories shops.

The Gown for Rent by Damsel encourages their client to book first an appointment before dropping by at their store.¬†This will ensure that you have an available fitting room and styling assistant once you arrive at their store. They sent me an online booking link, and I commend it makes the experience organized. In the online booking, you’ll select a Day and Time of your appointment, the service you will avail and a Stylist to assist you with your gown selection and fitting. They are also very responsive to inquiries in their Facebook page. You can also browse thru the pictures of Gowns in their Facebook.

Gown For Rent Makati
The shop’s facade looks like a simple Gown rental shop. But you will fall in love with the store once you get inside.¬† When we arrived, there is a store assistant who greeted us and inquired if¬†we have an appointment. We were advised to first browse thru the racks to select our desired gown since another client is still using the fitting area.

Gown for Rent in Makati
Gowns are neatly arranged by color. Now, I understood why they prefer appointment Рto minimize the crowd inside the store so that clients will be free to roam around and select their preferred gown.

Gown For Rent by Damsel
Balloon Gowns neatly hanged to preserve its shape and volume

The Fitting Area

Gown For Rent Fitting Area Platform
Stylists will ask you if you already have a selected gown or if none, your preferred gown cut and style. She will then bring it to you and allow you to fit it. There are two fitting rooms, but one platform. After wearing the gown, the stylist will lead you to stand in the platform to further style you (high heels, petticoat, etc).

The Wedding Gowns

There are really a wide array of selection in the store Рliterally. The gown I really have in mind is a sexy mermaid cut that will accentuate my petite and slender body frame. The store assistant told me that they have few wedding gown in that cut but she suggested some other cut that will complement to my body frame.

First Gown – A Beaded Ball Gown

Gown For Rent by Damsel
As I remember, the stylist who assisted me is Ms. Mean. She is very polite and will really assist you in wearing the gown and will advice some designs that will look good on you.

Oops, 5 months pa pala! ūüíē #bride #wedding #weddinggown

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The first picture and this one is the same gown. A balloon style wedding gown that have a beaded top. The gown looks really beautiful, I really felt like princess wearing it.

Second Gown РLace Mermaid 

Gown For Rent by Damsel - Lace Mermaid
I tried one of their Mermaid cut gown which is made of lace from top to bottom. It is really beautiful as I envisioned, but a bit loose for me and the sleeve is a bit warm which is not advisable for me since ours is a garden wedding. The stylist advised that mermaid cut gowns are really tricky, and should be custom made for your body frame so to highlight your best body part.

Third Gown РEight Fold Elegant Ball Gown

 Gown For Rent by Damsel

Gown For Rent by Damsel
This elegant eight fold ball gown has an intricate pearl beading on top and a beautiful embroidery from waist to down. I feel like I will be attending the Start Magic Ball wearing this gown. It is really lovely!! But since we are a Garden Wedding, this type is not really advisable. And my groom will not be able to stand by my side because of the balloon effect occupies big space around me. Hehe

The Stylists will allow you take a picture wearing the gown, so you can later on see and evaluate how you look wearing the gown.
The Price
Gown For Rent by Damsel Price
 Gown For Rent by Damsel Price
What made me be very interested in Gown for Rent by Damsel is that they offer a Wedding Rental package. For example, for 30k, you, the Groom and your whole entourage (bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girls, parents) will be covered in the package. If you have a wedding theme, for example, you can choose either a different gown style in one color scheme. An Infinity Dress is also available for your bridesmaid.
The Decision
Gowns I tried are really gorgeous! But I have have this doubt inside me. There isn’t a wow or a love at first sight feeling when I saw and worn the dresses. I didn’t feel like “this is it, this is the wedding dress I am going to wear!” I haven’t thought before that selecting a wedding gown can be this emotional. Miss Mavic, the stylist/assistant reaffirm my feeling, that if there are still doubts inside me about the dress I wanted, then do not decide yet. No pressure since my wedding is still five months away.
Disclaimer: The review for Gown for Rent by Damsel is an honest experience and initiated by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island this SUMMER!(Bi√Īan, Laguna)

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island

  1. Entrance Fee. Entrance Fee is Php500 and it covers All-Day Pass to the Water park and ride to all water slides, but you can scout for discount coupons in Metrodeal. The deal are usually short lived (will expire in 15 days) but I observe that it regularly regenerates. Voucher is usually Php299 for weekend and Php249 for weekday deals. Do not forget to print and show (all) your vouchers upon entrance. Entrance fee is free to children that are 3 ft and below.
  2. Transportation. It will be easy to bring a car. Parking fee is Php 50 flat rate. The parking area is an empty un-cemented rough area. Good thing is that there is a guard on duty guarding the parking area until the last car leaves. 
  3. Food and Drinks are not allowed. Even the water for your baby’s formula milk is not allowed. Since food and drinks are strictly not inside, the best thing that you can do is to leave your foods inside your car, and just go there when you want to drink or eat. Just make sure that your foods and drinks are in insulated containers or coolers. Drinks and foods for sale in the food stand inside the water park are really costly. We bought 500 ml bottled water for 40php, double price than your 5Gal water used In your water dispenser eh. Hehe.
  4. Accommodation. The nipa hut type Cabanna costs 1,000php for whole day rent, and the air-conditioned Cabanna costs around P2,000 but can only accommodate 4 people which you can lock when all of your party go around the water park. There is a private cabana that has CR and lounge that costs around P5,000. But if you are in thrifty mode, you can just carry your towel and valuables and leave it to locker. Locker rent cost P100 for the whole day. There are tables, chairs under that tent that you can use for free anyway.

    Splash Island Grounds - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Grounds – Binan Laguna
  5. Rides. The rides have a time schedule. I advise that you arrive early and schedule the water slide you want to experience. Lines in the ride are quite long especially on weekends but it is moves quite fast so just patient. The wait is worth it naman. No additional fees are required for the ride except the Zip Line, wall climb and kayak. The rides including the pool will be stopped when the weather are stormy. It is their safety procedure since electricity from the storm can be insulated in water.

    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides

    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides

    Splash Island Pool - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Pool – Binan Laguna


  6. The Balsa River is usually filled with people. The floaters are free to use, but you need to wait at stations from people who are done using it.
  7. Swimwear. Splash island is not strict to swimwear. Just the basic that do not wear denim shorts and those that has zipper.
  8. Photobooth. On almost all of the rides, there are photographers stationed in strategic spot  who took your pictures even if you didn’t ask them to. Visit the PhotoBooth, browse the pictures grouped by Rides, and be surprised what you look like during your ride. Haha. You have to pay 100php for each picture, and the picture you paid for will then be uploaded in their Facebook page.
  1. Fun with Friends and Family.  Some rides are for duo ( Tausug Trails), and the Rio Montanosa can accommodate up to 4 riders. So you will really enjoy the ride if you have your friends and family with you whom you can share the thrill and shout with.

    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
  2. Resort Staff and Life Guards.¬†Though some facilities are quite old and rusty, ¬†I commend the Splash Island for it is well manned and has plenty of life guards. The rest room’s cleanliness are well maintained. Life guards and aids in the rides are everywhere to make sure that the guests are safe. There were cleaners who regularly sweep around trashes.


Wedding Venue near Fairview, Quezon City

After a month of being in a Cloud 9 feeling of being engaged, we are now on the offence position to prepare for our wedding. We’ve been searching for random wedding related stuffs online, without any plan. And I admit, that wedding preparations can become overwhelming. You want everything to be beautiful and perfect, but you know that you are under a budget constraint.. plus the pressure of many expectations of people around that you want to consider. But good thing, one of my Ate¬†told me to “not mind the voices of the people around you. Do what you want, it is your wedding, not theirs!”¬†Thank you fairy god mother for that awesome and calming advice!

A day after the engagement, we already thought of who and how many would be our invites. And it is shocking that it is roughly 160-200pax! So from that baseline, we will be searching for our wedding venue that will fit all of our guests and at the same time fit our budget.

Continue reading “Wedding Venue near Fairview, Quezon City”

We're Engaged! Wedding Preparations Ahead!

Your Lovers in the City are Engaged! For those who want to know how the proposal happened, here is a short video clip. It was simple, intimate but heart felt. <3

Now, after the cloud nine feeling of everybody congratulating the new step of our relationship, we are back to reality and starting the wedding preparations.

Based on many Wedding blogs and magazines, the first step that a couple should decide is the Wedding budget, which will be the guide in choosing between the wants and needs. Decision on what suppliers to choose will be, do they offer quality service and another big question, do we afford this?

We decided then that our budget will be 200,000 pesos. Yes, you read it right, it is two hundred thousand pesos!¬†For us, that¬†is a big sum of money. That maybe a year’s wage for some, a decent second hand car, a down payment to a condo. But as a Wedding budget in 2017, this is really tight! Me (Wilma) is only 25 and Kevin is 27, many said, why the rush? You can wait for another five years and save¬†for about a million for your dream wedding. But we are taking the challenge! And we are hoping that this will inspire many couple to take a leap of faith.¬†We observed, that huge percentage of millennial dream of having the perfect wedding but is either intimidated of the cost of wedding these days, or it is just that the wedding is not ¬†a priority.

We will post update on this blog from time to time as a guide to other couple who are dreaming or already planning their wedding.

So far, this is our target budget allotment that we hope to carry until final execution.

200k Wedding Budget - Lovers in the City

We are also eyeing to serve food for uninvited guests in our office, church and some neighbour and friends.

Surprise Box

When you are on a long work related trip out of town and you really miss your partner so much. It is a delight to my heart when Kevin put a small red box in my office table and saw this Suprise! When you are on a long work related trip out of town and you really miss your partner so much. It is a delight to my heart when Kevin put a small red box in my office table and saw this Surprise!

Every girl no matter how old they are will surely be touched by the thought and effort exerted on this Surprise Box! Make sure to make your girlfriend one!

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe (Pioneer Street, Pasig)

Raise your hand, if you and your lover have a long list of plans: where to go, dine or visit but the list haven’t been checked for a while because of your busy schedule.

Us, Your Lovers in the City are guilty of this dilemma. We sometimes screenshot or link of posts of our FB friends to note that we will visit this next but the list keeps going. Sometimes, Date night are not enough to go enjoy the place that you wanted to visit or hang out. We are blessed that our bosses are gracious to allow us on time off or vacation leave whenever we want. We took advantage of privilege and decided to check some of our plans. On this Matcha Date, we first went to the dentist, paid our bills, went to the COL in Ortigas to open an account and finally, visited the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

How to Commute to Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

  1. If you are in Shaw Blvd Greenfield District, walk  towards Mayflower Street. At the back of Maynilad, there is a Tricycle Terminal. Ride a Tricycle and tell the driver to drop you Pioneer Street from William Street. If you see an Asia United Bank, walk to the left around 200 meters and you will see the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe.

The Exterior
Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe09

The Interior
The place is big enough to cater at least 20 people. There are four tables which are parallel to the walls of the store. The place is not that busy in day time and is a conducive place for review or reading.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Cake Stand

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Matcha Parfait

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We ordered a Matcha Parfait (P195). It has Motchi Balls, Green tea Ice Cream, Nata De Coco and Corn Flakes. The combination of all ingredients are perfect. The combination of all ingredients is not that sweet, which I really love most.  Just a disclaimer, do not order a piece for sharing. Mabibitin ka!

Our take

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We will definitely go back. The Matcha Parfait is really perfect. Maybe, we will try the other Matcha products like the Matcha tea and cake and the Ramen!

Kisskako Uji Matcha Cafe:

Facebook page
Instagram: @kissako_cafe
Pioneer Street corner Brixton Street, United Avenue Pasig
Store Hours: 10am -10pm
Tel. (+632) 730.3356