10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island this SUMMER!(Biñan, Laguna)

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island

  1. Entrance Fee. Entrance Fee is Php500 and it covers All-Day Pass to the Water park and ride to all water slides, but you can scout for discount coupons in Metrodeal. The deal are usually short lived (will expire in 15 days) but I observe that it regularly regenerates. Voucher is usually Php299 for weekend and Php249 for weekday deals. Do not forget to print and show (all) your vouchers upon entrance. Entrance fee is free to children that are 3 ft and below.
  2. Transportation. It will be easy to bring a car. Parking fee is Php 50 flat rate. The parking area is an empty un-cemented rough area. Good thing is that there is a guard on duty guarding the parking area until the last car leaves. 
  3. Food and Drinks are not allowed. Even the water for your baby’s formula milk is not allowed. Since food and drinks are strictly not inside, the best thing that you can do is to leave your foods inside your car, and just go there when you want to drink or eat. Just make sure that your foods and drinks are in insulated containers or coolers. Drinks and foods for sale in the food stand inside the water park are really costly. We bought 500 ml bottled water for 40php, double price than your 5Gal water used In your water dispenser eh. Hehe.
  4. Accommodation. The nipa hut type Cabanna costs 1,000php for whole day rent, and the air-conditioned Cabanna costs around P2,000 but can only accommodate 4 people which you can lock when all of your party go around the water park. There is a private cabana that has CR and lounge that costs around P5,000. But if you are in thrifty mode, you can just carry your towel and valuables and leave it to locker. Locker rent cost P100 for the whole day. There are tables, chairs under that tent that you can use for free anyway.

    Splash Island Grounds - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Grounds – Binan Laguna
  5. Rides. The rides have a time schedule. I advise that you arrive early and schedule the water slide you want to experience. Lines in the ride are quite long especially on weekends but it is moves quite fast so just patient. The wait is worth it naman. No additional fees are required for the ride except the Zip Line, wall climb and kayak. The rides including the pool will be stopped when the weather are stormy. It is their safety procedure since electricity from the storm can be insulated in water.
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Pool - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Pool – Binan Laguna


  6. The Balsa River is usually filled with people. The floaters are free to use, but you need to wait at stations from people who are done using it.
  7. Swimwear. Splash island is not strict to swimwear. Just the basic that do not wear denim shorts and those that has zipper.
  8. Photobooth. On almost all of the rides, there are photographers stationed in strategic spot  who took your pictures even if you didn’t ask them to. Visit the PhotoBooth, browse the pictures grouped by Rides, and be surprised what you look like during your ride. Haha. You have to pay 100php for each picture, and the picture you paid for will then be uploaded in their Facebook page.
  1. Fun with Friends and Family.  Some rides are for duo ( Tausug Trails), and the Rio Montanosa can accommodate up to 4 riders. So you will really enjoy the ride if you have your friends and family with you whom you can share the thrill and shout with.

    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
  2. Resort Staff and Life Guards. Though some facilities are quite old and rusty,  I commend the Splash Island for it is well manned and has plenty of life guards. The rest room’s cleanliness are well maintained. Life guards and aids in the rides are everywhere to make sure that the guests are safe. There were cleaners who regularly sweep around trashes.