We are Wilma and Kevin, and we are the lovers in the city. .
We often look for new and uncommon places to go.
We just love to wander and appreciate things are around.
We love to capture pictures of  the foods we ate and the places we go.
We habitually share it on our each Instagram and Facebook feeds.
We just love to make new experiences together.

Often, our friends would us ask us about the recently place we visited, or the food we ate that we shared on our social network accounts. Or simply, they solicit recommendation of the things to try when they will go on a date with their special someone or family..

So we decided to create this blog as our public date diary.

We are not a professional food critic or a writer. We just write based on our appreciation and experience. We hope that this blog will serve as a date guide and an inspiration to other couples.

We would love to hear from you! Simply say Hi on the comment box below or drop us an email at loversinthecityph@gmail.com. We will surely respond when we have time!

Godbless, and Enjoy!


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