Summer Team Building at Falcon Crest Resort (Norzagaray, Bulacan) – Experience

Are you considering Falcon Crest Resort for your Summer Team Building? Here, I am sharing our experience on the said resort. Hope that you will find this helpful.

Your Lovers in the City at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan

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  1. Tent. Tent are strategically located under the mango tree thus you will be shadowed from the sun and its heat. But the shade of the tree alone cannot overcome a 36C heat. At night, we decided to keep the tent cover open and the night cold is really refreshing.Tent Living at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
  2. Rest Room
    Rest Rooms are located in the middle of the Tent Area. It has two rest room for boys, two for girls and two shower room.
    There is no hangers or a make shift “sampayan” for your things, so you have to be resourceful. Our teams placed a monoblock chair inside the rest room so they can put their things on it so it won’t fell on the floor.
  3. Kitchen Area
    Falcon Crest Resort offers a catering service (packed meals)  but it is a bit pricey for our budget so we decided to bring our own team to cook for our food. In the Tent area, there is no kitchen but Falcon graciously provided a long table where our kitchen staff placed under the mango tree.
    If you will ask Gerald, the owner of Falcon, he can recommend his trusted vendors nearby Falcon whom you can contact for your needs. This is a great help since the only market nearby the area is a small talipapa which sells small volume and simple households needs. But if you will contact the vendor Gerald has recommended, they can prepare a several kilos of meat, vegetables before hand, as requested. There is also an ice and water delivery directly to your area, you can also ask Gerald for that.
  4. Session Hall
    Session Hall in the tent area is covered but the ground is still soil. There are mounted electric fans on the corner but when the weather is really humid, you will really sweat bigtime even though you are seated near the fan. There are mono block chairs provided but I observed that it is not cleaned, so it is really dusty. I advice that your time should bring basahan  and trashbags for your team.
  5. Open Area and Ground
    Falcon Crest Resort offers a facilitated team building package where you can use their team building facilities like zip line, Wall Climbing, and more. But since we do not have a budget for the facilitated team building, we just used Falcon Crest’s spacious and nature friendly grounds. You can use Falcon Crest’s ground for free but not their team building facilities.

Open Ground at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
Outdoor Game at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan

  • Service and Security
    The owner, Gerald is really helpful. He is always “one text away” and willing to assist on your every need. He is really hands on but I observe, he lacks staff in the resort. There is no staff cleaning the grounds or rest room every day (maybe, they will just clean it after we left).
    Falcon doesn’t have a security guard. All they assured us is that their staff roam around within the day and community around Falcon Crest is very friendly. But to be secure, especially our team slept in an open tent, we brought our Marshalls that will safeguard our campers especially at night.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bring trash bags. Falcon provides make trash cans in a size of a drum but I observe, staff do not collect it everyday. Of course, nobody wants to stand near your trash that stink (especially the left over foods) and being played around by flies.
  • Bring extension cords. There is an electricity socket adjacent to the tent area.
  • The place is quite hard to find so prepare a directional map and commute instruction for your team and drivers. Here, I will share to you a directional map on how to commute going to Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan.

Are you also planning or did successfully did  your Summer Team Building at Falcon Crest Resort, Norzagaray Bulacan? Share your insights on the comment box below.

Summer Team Building at Falcon Crest Resort (Norzagaray, Bulacan) – Preparation

I believe one of the first and hardest deliverable in organizing a Team building is finding a good venue. Recently, I was tasked to spearhead our church’s youth ministry summer camp. Though for some, a three month preparation is quite enough, but you can really not tell especially when you are no team building organizer and are starting from scratch.

So here, I will be sharing a detailed organization of our youth’s camp summer team building at Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan, together with the prizing and our experience. Hope that this will help to your team building organizing.

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Falcon Crest Resort sits in the midst of the suburb area of Norzagaray, Bulacan. If you will travel by commute, it is important that you research before hand your route because you might taken advantage by bus or tricycle drivers. Here is a detailed information on directions by car and commute to Norzagaray.

When we reached Falcon Crest, we were personally accommodated by Gerald, the owner of Falcon. But his staff, Russel toured us around the place.

He first brought us to the Overview of the whole Falcon Crest. You can see below the Tent Area, the wide woods, and the team building area.


Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan Birds Eyeview
Falcon Crest Top View from the Zip Line Pad

Falcon Crest Resort Accommodation

Falcon Crest Resort does have an Aircon, Non Aircon and Tent Accommodation. Aircon and Non-Aircon has its own Session Hall and Kitchen and Dining Area. Tent Accommodation has an un-cemented session hall but no kitchen area.

Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan Non-Aircon Room
Falcon Crest Non Aircon Room
Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan Non-Aircon Room Session Hall
Non Aircon Room Session Hall Area
Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan Non-Aircon Room
This is an Air conditioned room, but the room set up is quite the same

Team Building Facility

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan - Maze

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan Team Building Facilities

Price Packages

Below is the price packages of Falcon Crest Resort as of May 2015. They will give you flyers if available on your ocular, but in our experience, they did not gave a sample quotation. To have a sample quotation, you need to formally email them your target date, no. of pax, and other amenities that you wish to avail.

Falcon Crest Quotation

Fun Things to Do at Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan

Fun Things to Do at Falco Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan that you Cannot Do in the City

Falcon Crest at Norzagaray, Bulacan is an good place for your office’ team building, church retreat, school field trip or simply a close to nature getaway near Manila.

On our three day stay here for our church’s youth camp, here are the things that I extraordinarily enjoyed that chances are seldom to never experienced in the city.

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  1. Hike, Walk, Appreciate the Open Air and the Green Trees
    Falcon Crest’s terrain is curvy, literally. There are hills and valleys that you need to thread on especially when you will go to the tent area. You will definitely burn your calories here while enjoying the green trees, open field and the untoiled ground. But a word of caution, the place is not advisable to those who have weak knees..
    Hiking and Walking at Falcon Crest Norzagaray BulacanHiking and Walking at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
  2. Live in A Tent Under the Mango Trees
    It is good to sometimes forgo the comfortable air-conditioned rooms and try a nomad like living. I am thinking of how the Israelite lived in the wilderness while traveling to the promise land. Tent Living at Falcon Crest Norzagaray BulacanTent Living at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
  3. Watch the Playing Goats Every Morning (Take a Picture and Have a Selfie, Perhaps?)
    Every morning, goats freely roam around Falcon Crest especially in the grassy area. For me, they are fun to watch. They are like kids playing, talking to each other (about us human), eating from time to time and having their siesta on the resort’s waiting shed.. They are completely harmless, you can approach them and take pictures. Though they sometimes go away when you go near them, but my hack is I say “meeeh” and they will stay and probably pose for your camera (see second photo).Watching the Wandering Goats at Falcon Crest Norzagaray BulacanWatching the Wandering Goats at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
  4. Gather Around Bonfire and Grill Some Marshmallows, Hotdogs and Corn 
    Creating a bonfire in the city is very dangerous, of course.  But a bonfire socials night, I observe is really one of the highlights of every retreat and camps that I’ve been. Is it safe to say that a Bonfire + Food loosens up people? If you are going to grill marshmallow, it is good to have a cracker or graham biscuit for an instant Smores! Corns are hard to cook so it is good that it is preboiled before grilling them on bonfire. Bonfire and Outdoor Picnick at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
  5. Play Extreme Outdoor Games on a Spacious Open Ground
    Falcon Crest has a very good teambuilding facility like Zip Line, Rappeling, Wall Climbing and more for a reasonable price. But if your team is running out budget, then you can use Falcon Crest’s ground for free for your team building. You can play hide and seek on the resort’s mini forest, or catch the dragon’s tail without being limited by space or being scratched on a cement floor. Isn’t it good that in playing, you feel young, wild and free?
    Outdoor Game at Falcon Crest Norzagaray BulacanOutdoor games at Falcon Crest Norzagaray Bulacan
















Here is Falcon Crest Resort’s Website to view their amenities and packages.

Disclaimer: The Falcon Crest Resort experience is paid by your Lovers in the City and their team. All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

Pastaholics (Dahlia St. Fairview, Quezon City)

Pastaholics is a restaurant located in Dahlia St. beside the FEU Hospital. During my elementary years (yeah, I’m old now), Dahlia Street adjacent to Regalado Ave were just a simple residential road where many lots are vacant. Twelve years later, Regalado Ave. became the Maginhawa Street of Fairview because of many food establishments constructed here.

One of the food ventures your Lovers in the City have is Pastaholics.The place is seated at the second floor of Dahlia Commercial Complex, it is quite small (approximately has less than 10 tables) but neat and cozy. We went here one Sunday morning so I guess we were one of their first customer. Glad that we came here early because the time that we left, the restaurant is almost full.

The Place

Inside - Pastaholics

Outside - Pastaholics

The Food

Chicken Breast - Pastaholics
I ordered Grilled Chicken Breast (Php 105). The taste is close to the grilled chicken served at fine dine restaurant. Worth more than the cost. 🙂
Stuffed Chicken Fillet - Pastaholics
Kevin chose Stuffed Chicken. The rolled chicken has a sausage inside. Though the serving looks small, Kevin said he is full after he finished this meal.

Ginger Mint Tea - PastaholicsReceipt- Pastaholics

I am into odd and new taste of teas, so I ordered Ginger Mint Iced Tea. It is refreshing and good for those who are unto healthy drinks.

We have a full meal and we honestly enjoy it, and tada! Our bill is only 285 for our two meal, two drinks and extra rice. I believe that the restaurant targets Student and Hospital visitors, and nearby residential areas as primary customers that is why it has an affordable menu without minimizing the quality of the taste and experience. They also offer Student Meal as low as Php 75. Wow.

Your Lovers in the City

Are we going to go back and dine here, Yes, Absolutely!

Have you been to Pastaholics, Fairview? Share your insights and experience on the comment box below. 🙂


Disclaimer: The dining experience at Pastaholics is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

Food Trip Chicken Inasal (White Beach, Puerto Galera)

If you are looking for dining experience that is something special, then I must say that White Beach restaurants are not for you. I observe that most restaurants here serve local foods, so you cannot find new or unique taste here but it is  a very good opportunity  to try Puerto Galera’s variant of famous Filipino food. Another observations is, most staff ushering us in the restaurants nearby are gay (cross dresser and they wear too much make up). But for us, we have nothing about that.. We are after the food and the experience.

So then, we decided to dine here at the Food Trip Chicken Inasal. The place is open and located in front of the beach front, so you can have a very nice view of the beach while dining.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal


Since we are already used to the taste of Chicken Inasal of Mang Inasal (that is famous in Manila), we decided to try the fresh Seafood Fiesta. The staff are accommodating. Our order took around 15-20mins before it was completely served.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal
Seafood Fiesta (Baked Mussels, Inihaw na bangus, Chicken and Pork Barbeque, Shrimps, Stuffed Squid, Salted Egg, Enselada) served with Seafood Soup (previous picture) (950php as I remember).

The Seafood fiesta is good for 5-6 people and served with unli-rice. The seafoods are indeed fresh and well-done. I must say that it is worth the price. Our group of 5 has already eaten full but we have left over viands so we decided to take it out.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal Beach Front
Beach front of the Food Trip Chicken Inasal


The busy beach front is entertaining, so you will not get bored while waiting for your order, and while dining. There are ecstatic people riding the Jetski, kids Kayaking and playing on the sands, and Flyboarding (this is a must try). Though, there are several vendors came to our table to offer souvenirs and pastries.. Sometimes they can be pushy or “makulit” in offering their goods. I was afraid that time that I run out of polite way to say No to them. But a tip they say, Wag mo silang pansinin para di na mangulit.

Here is Kevin’s Instagram Video of Iron Man ( a man riding the flyboard)

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Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Disclaimer: The dining experience at Luca Cucina Italia is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.


Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Luca Cucina Italia: A piece of Italy on your place

Ambiance Outside at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera

Luca Cucina Italia is located on the far end of Talipanan Beach. During our Puerto Galera stay, our group have stayed in a Camp Rock, a simple Filipino design camp house beside Tamaraw Resort. We already tried foods on a few restaurant in White Beach (which I find ordinary), so we then decided to dine at something extraordinary and which Puerto Galera brag about.. and one that is walk away is Luca Cucina Italia. From Camp Rock, we walked thru the beach front which took us 20-30 mins. The walk is not “nakakainip” because of the nice view and sound of the beach plus the sunset, but if you are a lazy type then you can ride a Tricycle from your lodging to Luca (fare is 100php for the group).

Talipanan beach is quiet and peaceful compared to the busy White Beach. Resorts in the area are few but bigger and looks exclusive.  The beach has few people and mostly foreigners. We are surprised to see that this restaurant is full when we got here.

Ambiance Inside at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera

Comparing to the restaurants in White Beach, I can say that Luca is a fine dine restaurant. There were no staff who greeted us (For me, that is okay). I observe that the staff here are all girls, because in White Beach all I see that most restaurant staffs are gay. A nice looking lady came at our table and took our order. But I say, she is a bit mean. My company asked if the Iced Tea in their menu is Home Blend because it is a little pricey.. but she answered lousily by saying “Iced Tea po, kaya nga Iced Tea eh.”.. Maybe she did not know that there is House Blend Iced tea aside from the Nestea Iced tea in sachet. Forgiven.. But I say it is a minus point to the experience..

It took around 20-30 mins before our orders were completely served. And for the reason that we walked to come here and all our energies were exhausted, we were really hungry and for us, the wait is really long..  But I must say, the food looks and taste good.

Half Open Lucas Pizza at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Half Open Lucas Pizza (Tomato, Ham, Mushroom, Salami, Mozzarella, Onion) (400php)
Vongole at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Vongole Pasta ( Clams and Pesto White Sauce) (280php)
Carbonara at Luca Cucina Italia
Carbonara (Bacon, Egg, White Sauce) (280php)

Prices are reasonable but high compared to the restaurants in White Beach. The serving is big (good for 2-3pax). Kevin and I shared with Vongole pasta, and our group of 5 ordered a Luca Pizza. With my half portion of pasta and 1 slice of Luca pizza, I must say that I am really full when we left the place.

Mozarella at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Mozarella in Carrozza (Fried Mozarella with French Fries) (260php)
Drinks at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Vanilla Shake (70php) and Hot Choco (40php). The Vanilla shake tastes like a combination of Buko and Pineapple shake ( I am not sure if my order is served correctly). Its taste is good, though a bit new to me as a Vanilla drink.

Visit their website at

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  1. Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Disclaimer: The dining experience at Luca Cucina Italia is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

Romantic Date Experience at Manila Bay Yacht Cruise

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner – a romantic date to immense yourself and your partner enjoying the beautiful skyline of Manila Bay.

Are you so busy on your work duties that all your dates usually goes on restaurant near your office vicinity or along the way home? When there’s no variety, you’ll feel that your dates are monotonous or “nakakasawa” in Filipino. It is good thing that our dates has two types: the major one and the minor one. The major one are usually during monthsary, birthday and some especial events. We usually have allot a budget and create an itinerary beforehand. The minor dates are the unplanned or spontaneous dates. Example is when we go to mall to buy something or pay a bill, then we decided to eat at not-so-pricey restaurant.

This Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner is a major date. Actually this post is a super throw back since this date is a celebration for my birthday (July). Kevin found this coupon a month before my birthday at MetroDeal and scheduled it on an amenable date for us and to Legworks, the company that offers the Yacht Cruise.

Pre- Experience:

We travelled from Quezon City to CCP Bay Terminal, Manila Bay Area and we arrive at the place around 4pm. Though we have printed the instruction from Metro Deal on how to go there and followed it, we really did not recognized the place a few times so we called Ms. Edith of Legworks and gladly she is so accommodating and answered the call on the second ring. Legworks is beside the Harbor Square in front of the CCP Complex. In the left side of Harbor Square, you will find a spacious parking lot, get inside and on the left side you will find the LegWorks office. Alas, here it is!

We found the Legworks staffs accommodating. They answered our inquiry call about the direction. I also overheard that there is also another customer asking for direction on how to get there and they politely replied despite the slow pick up of the caller.  There is a mono block lined up on the receiving area so we just sat there while waiting. And before boarding, there is a staff who gave a short talk about Legworks, their services, and how secure will be our short cruise will be. The pictures below shows the nice view from the dock..

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Aboard: I still find the staff accommodating. There are men assisting us on boarding the yacht because it is quite windy and might go off-balance. They will politely greet you. I always believe that staff of any establishments plays a very big role for the good experience of the customers. We once dined at a Japanese Restaurant in one tourist spot place near Manila and we are so disappointed that the staff seem nonchalant and  heard nothing from us.  Spoon came at the end of the meal, drinks were very late, amongst other.. Though the food is good we really made up our mind to not dine on any branch of that Japanese restaurant because of our bad experience from the staff.

Okay, going back.. The yacht will not immediately depart the terminal after the passengers have boarded. Maybe they gave time for the passengers to roam around, take our pictures and appreciate the view. My tip is to take all the pictures you want because when the yacht started to run, you can’t roam around anymore because you’ll look after your balance (because sometimes it feels shaky) and you’ll feel dizzy. The yacht per trip accommodates 50pax, and there are tables and chairs set up. For me, the set up is quite crowded. If you are going to go to the other side of the yacht, you will first ask the other passengers to move their chairs to give way. There are assigned seats for every couple/group in the Yacht. I am glad that me and Kevin were assigned inside the cabin because there are few tables there and we are located near the food catering, though being in a Roof Deck gives you an advantage of a nice view during the cruise..

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

The view inside the cabin. There is a flat screen TV that plays a concert of a singer which name I forgot.. We also have a short chat with the captain and smiles at some of our jokes. 🙂

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

I am not a food critic because I am not that good in cooking. All I am after if it tastes good- and for me, our dinner in this Yacht cruise tastes good but cold. They allowed us also for the second round of food, Kevin happily take his second serving. But I am contented with what I ate because i feel like throwing up cause it feels shaky and giddy while the yacht is running and I am not comfortable with that.

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

You’ll see several cargo vessels and the beautiful skyline of Manila Bay, and it is a good sight..

It is already dusk when we returned to the dock. The next batch of passenger is waiting, but I think that the afternoon cruise is better if you really want to appreciate more the beauty of the city and capture it in pictures.

Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner

The experience is good but Bitin! I hope that next time we can cruise for 2-3hrs in a good-weather-afternoon. Not everyday that common people like us will board a yacht, cruise the Manila bay and appreciate the beautiful skyline of Manila.

By the way, this is the link of the voucher that we bought from Metro Deal! But if there are no coupons available for now, simply  inquire at 517-7818 or 0917-950-0948  and ask for reservation though I do not know how much is the un-discounted price is.

Metro Deal Yacht Cruise

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Be Entertained at Ayala Triangle Gardens Dancing Lights

Ayala Triangle Gardens – One of the best place to stroll and leisurely spend time with your loved one(s) without spending (too much) during the Christmas season

Maybe to those who work and live in Makati City, the Ayala Triangle is not too much of an attraction, but since we are away this amazingly busy city, we are so excited to see this place. The Ayala Triangle Gardens has no entrance fee, so you will not spend any but the restaurants lined up on the vicinity are so tempting! If you are on a tight budget, there are few fast foods nearby just in case you get will hungry..

Daytime view: The place has different restaurants lined up on one side. During day time, the place looks serene and there are yet few people sitting strolling and hanging on the place. I observe that some are lovers, some are group of young people maybe resting after job hunt. We really planned to go to this place early to appreciate both daytime and night time atmosphere here, and meet Kevin’s classmate whose workplace is nearby. If you are planning to visit here, just read a few house rules indicated in the official site of the Ayala Triangle.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

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