10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island this SUMMER!(Biñan, Laguna)

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Splash Island

  1. Entrance Fee. Entrance Fee is Php500 and it covers All-Day Pass to the Water park and ride to all water slides, but you can scout for discount coupons in Metrodeal. The deal are usually short lived (will expire in 15 days) but I observe that it regularly regenerates. Voucher is usually Php299 for weekend and Php249 for weekday deals. Do not forget to print and show (all) your vouchers upon entrance. Entrance fee is free to children that are 3 ft and below.
  2. Transportation. It will be easy to bring a car. Parking fee is Php 50 flat rate. The parking area is an empty un-cemented rough area. Good thing is that there is a guard on duty guarding the parking area until the last car leaves. 
  3. Food and Drinks are not allowed. Even the water for your baby’s formula milk is not allowed. Since food and drinks are strictly not inside, the best thing that you can do is to leave your foods inside your car, and just go there when you want to drink or eat. Just make sure that your foods and drinks are in insulated containers or coolers. Drinks and foods for sale in the food stand inside the water park are really costly. We bought 500 ml bottled water for 40php, double price than your 5Gal water used In your water dispenser eh. Hehe.
  4. Accommodation. The nipa hut type Cabanna costs 1,000php for whole day rent, and the air-conditioned Cabanna costs around P2,000 but can only accommodate 4 people which you can lock when all of your party go around the water park. There is a private cabana that has CR and lounge that costs around P5,000. But if you are in thrifty mode, you can just carry your towel and valuables and leave it to locker. Locker rent cost P100 for the whole day. There are tables, chairs under that tent that you can use for free anyway.

    Splash Island Grounds - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Grounds – Binan Laguna
  5. Rides. The rides have a time schedule. I advise that you arrive early and schedule the water slide you want to experience. Lines in the ride are quite long especially on weekends but it is moves quite fast so just patient. The wait is worth it naman. No additional fees are required for the ride except the Zip Line, wall climb and kayak. The rides including the pool will be stopped when the weather are stormy. It is their safety procedure since electricity from the storm can be insulated in water.
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Pool - Binan Laguna
    Splash Island Pool – Binan Laguna


  6. The Balsa River is usually filled with people. The floaters are free to use, but you need to wait at stations from people who are done using it.
  7. Swimwear. Splash island is not strict to swimwear. Just the basic that do not wear denim shorts and those that has zipper.
  8. Photobooth. On almost all of the rides, there are photographers stationed in strategic spot  who took your pictures even if you didn’t ask them to. Visit the PhotoBooth, browse the pictures grouped by Rides, and be surprised what you look like during your ride. Haha. You have to pay 100php for each picture, and the picture you paid for will then be uploaded in their Facebook page.
  1. Fun with Friends and Family.  Some rides are for duo ( Tausug Trails), and the Rio Montanosa can accommodate up to 4 riders. So you will really enjoy the ride if you have your friends and family with you whom you can share the thrill and shout with.

    Splash Island Rides
    Splash Island Rides
  2. Resort Staff and Life Guards. Though some facilities are quite old and rusty,  I commend the Splash Island for it is well manned and has plenty of life guards. The rest room’s cleanliness are well maintained. Life guards and aids in the rides are everywhere to make sure that the guests are safe. There were cleaners who regularly sweep around trashes.


Wedding in the Woods in Agape Spring (Dasmarinas, Cavite)

Us, your Lovers in the City went to a simple but very beautiful wedding in Agape Springs in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Posting pictures as maybe a reference to other to-be-wed couple. Before the bride entered the red carpet, the cloud drizzled with the blessings of the Lord from the sky. Indeed, very wonderful and such a delight to see!

Agape Springs Wedding - Ceremony Aisle
The Ceremony Aisle

Agape Springs Wedding - The Altar

Agape Springs Wedding - Entrance

Agape Springs Wedding - The Bride

Agape Springs Wedding - Tent for the Guests

Agape Springs Wedding - Reception Area

Agape Springs Wedding - Reception, Couple Area Agape Springs Wedding - Succulent and Cacti Favours

Agape Springs Wedding - Succulent and Cacti Favours

Agape Springs Wedding - Bride's Bouquet

You may check their website at AgapeSprings.com

Detached Life at Potipot Island (Candelaria, Zambales)

If you just want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a quick weekend get-away with your family or friends, Potipot Island should be on your list.

Potipot Island, Zambales - Lovers in the City
Potipot Island view from the Boat Dock

How to Get There
Our group went here by private vehicle. We left Quezon City by 11pm and arrived at around 5am in front of our boatman’s house. Travel is roughly 6 hours if without traffic but it may be longer if you are on commute. From Steve’s house (our boatman) we parked our car then walked to the boat dock, five minute away. Steve’s assistants brought our heavy things in tricycle and went ahead of us. By the time that we arrived at the boat dock, it is still dark and can’t see the Island from afar. There is no electricity supply in the island so the thing that makes us identify where the island is located is the flickering spotlight in the beach front. We waited for dawn to see clearly our boat travel going to the Island. Travel from boat dock to Potipot Island is roughly around 5 minutes.
Where to Stay
Entrance fee to the Island is Php100 for day tour and Php300 for overnight. There are no hotels or Inns available in Potipot Islands aside from few cottages or “kubo” for rent (Php1,500). Tent rentals are also available but it is not a service provided on the island. You have to tell your boatman that you’re planning to rent one. Tent rental is Php300 which can accommodate for 2pax. Better yet bring your own tent to save some money. Continue reading “Detached Life at Potipot Island (Candelaria, Zambales)”

Cat Cafe Manila- Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Yours truly is not a Cat person. We have a cat at home for the purpose of threatening the rats around, but personally, i find it clingy and sometime annoying. Kevin on the other hand is a dog person. He even wrap our left over and bones from our packed lunch to feed his dogs when he arrive at their house. But Kevin has a friend couple who treated cats as their baby, and before the year ends, they wanted to  visit the Cat Cafe Manila at Maginhawa St. Quezon City.

The Cat Cafe prefer a reservation before you go there, but if you will go there by walk in, you might be a chance guest if there are few customers. The Cat Cafe interior is small, it can house approximately 20-30 guest simultaneously. There are high chairs on the side, if you do not want to get bogged down by the passing cats. But, I advise you to take an Indian sit around a small table so that you will have an opportunity to have get around gets, play with them and even sit and sleep with them.

Cat Cafe Entrance

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Wall Art

Cat Cafe Manila Books and Games

Cat Cafe Manila Wall Art

Cat Cafe Manila Restroom

Before you go inside the Cafe, guests are required to sanitize their hands, read the house rules and take off their shoes. This is for the safety of the cats and the guests as well.

Entrance fee is Php200, good for one hour stay with Php100 consumable for foods. They also give a Membership card where you can have a free drink on your fourth visit and Free entrance fee and 100php consumable on your 9th visit.

Cat Cafe Manila Ticket and Loyalty Card

As I have said in my intro, I am not a cat person. But observing their behaviors made me adore them. The cats in the Cat Cafe are “PusPin” or Pusang Pinoy as my friends call them. They belong to the breed of cats that is commonly domesticated in Filipino household.  Some of the amazing observations I have with them: A cat named Mama Cat is so clingy and malambing. We have just seated on our chosen table and she immediately walked in our middle and took a nap in the lap of my friend. She really wanted to be spoiled. One cat is Ashley. She is a beautiful black cat with an intricate stripes at her spine. During our stay, she just laid in one high chair like she is not on the mood socializing. I do not know, but maybe because we visited during siesta time. Hehe. One cat named .. is just sitting on beside the glass window like thinking deep about something. After seeing them and having a fellowship with them, your mind will change about them. They are amazing! Like us, they are unique, have a certain features, attitudes and even a “mannerism”. The cats in Cat Cafe Manila are also very healthy, they are clean with no cat scent and I can’t believe that their breed will grow as big as a dog.

Cat Cafe Manila Kevin
Mama Cat sleeping on our table.

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila
Ashley sleeping on a tall chair on one corner. The black stripe on her spine is really beautiful.

Cat Cafe Manila   Cat Cafe Manila Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

The visit to the cats alone are sulit na, but the foods are also worth a review. Kevin and I combined our ticket so we had a Php200 consumable. We were able to order a Meowcha cupcake (Php60) and Mango Graham Shake  (P140), both tastes good. The Meowcha cupcake is not that sweet but the coffee flavor of the icing blended well with the base. The Mango Graham is amazing, it really tasted like a Graham Cake but you are eating it through a straw.

Cat Cafe Manila Meowcha Cupcake and Mango Graham Shake
Meowcha Cupcake and Mango Graham Shake

Cat Cafe Manila Cupcake stand

Beside sitting with cats and eating, we were able to play a Cat-oply, a monopoly game with Cat cards. The Cat Cafe Manila has a full stock of card and board games related to cats. Hehe. It is fun to play with your company while consuming your one hour stay chilling with the cats. Of course, you cannot play a full hour with the cats, because they are either asleep or sitting on corner almost all the time.

Cat Cafe Manila Catopoly

They also sell souvenir items related to cats like a flash drive, bookmarks, tickler and ball pens. What really caught my eye from the souvenir shelf is the Mason Jar with a text printed on it- “When I die, the Cat gets everything”! Haha!

Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs
Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs

If you have fallen in love with one of the cats, they have an adaption program. There is an adaption procedure like screening and interviews that will be conducted with a minimal fee.

Cat Cafe Manila House Rules
Cat Cafe Adoption Program Rules

I wasn’t able to remember and play with all of the cats. But here are their portraits. Believe me, they are all beautiful!

Cat Cafe Manila Cats

Our group really enjoyed our stay! This cafe is indeed worth a visit!

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

Second Floor, Maginhawa Building, 189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Open: 12pm-10pm

Cat Cafe Manila Facebook Page

Minalungao National Park – General Tinio, Nueva Ecija

“Minalungao National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon. The park covers an area of 2,018 hectares centered along the scenic Peñaranda River bordered on both sides by up to 16-meter high limestone walls in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. It was established in 1967 by virtue of Republic Act No. 5100. The park is considered as one of the few remaining natural environments in this region north of Manila. It is promoted by the local government as an ecotourism destination offering breath-taking scenery of green pristine river and unique rock formations. A system of unexplored subterranean caverns have also been identified as potential attractions. Facilities for picnics, swimming, fishing, raft riding and cliff diving have likewise been put up to draw more visitors.” – Wikipedia

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Going Here

The road going to Minalungao Park is unpaved, so if you are going here by car, I suggest bringing an SUV or 4×4. If you are going here by commute, tricycles from Gapan (main road), will ask for 700-1000 for whole day rent. So if you will go in Minalugao in big group, I suggest that you rent a private van rather than commute.

Surprisingly, though this place is now a famous must go for quick get away near Manila, we arrived here during the APEC Holiday with few people visiting the park.

Entrance Fee in Minalugao National Park

Entrance fee is P30 per person and P50 for the car pass.

Tour Guide

There are tour guides that will approach you upon parking, they are usually kids living nearby the area. It is up to you how much you will give them as there is no standard rate for guides. Or you can go by yourselves and follow other tourists since the terrain is not that difficult and the must visit areas are not far from each other. But if you are going to get a guide, I advice that you get a boy and older guide since you and your group may need their help in traversing the rocky and steep terrain especially if you will be going to the caves. We hired  two young boy aged 12 and 13. They are funny and very helpful. After a few chats with them, I am saddened by the fact that they are not going to school anymore, maybe because they are already earning money from tour guiding and the necessity to study for their future is no more relevant for them. I do not know if there are official tour guides hired or affiliated with the Minalungao Park Management, but I do hope that the local government and the management of the park will regulate the tour guiding of the minors.

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

The park is already undergoing development. The way to the caves are already cemented. They say that the three floor building in the picture above is intended to be a hotel. There are few stores selling souvenir items and snacks on the side of the road. I do hope that despite the initiative of the local government to improve the place, the natural beauty of the park will still be conserved.

Things To Try in Minalungao National Park

1. Picnic

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

2. Spelunking

Entrance fee for each cave is Php 10 per pax. But when we arrived on the cave entrance, there is no personnel collecting the fee so our guide directly assisted us inside the cave. The cave is small, and I am surprised that it is cold inside. Wear rubber shoes or rubber slippers with straps if you want to go inside the cave for your safety. Bring a flashlight, yes, it is dark inside the cave.

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija


Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

3. Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafts are available for whole day rent at P250 for rafts with no roof and P500 for rafts with roof, maximum of 10 passengers. During our visit, we were not able to rent a raft since all are already occupied. Cottage is also for rent at P200.

Tip: Some bloggers said that you may haggle the price of the raft rent especially if you will not be using the raft for the whole day

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

4. Cliff Diving and Swimming

Cliff Diving and swimming against the wild current of the river is very dangerous. But if you are the adventurous type, defying the danger can be very satisfying. We tried swimming in the lower part of the river, but tricky it is, on one step, the water is just above my waist but the next step will be above 5 feet. Our team decided to pass through the water to step on the sand bar, though others have successfully reached it, me and Kevin did not push through because of the very strong current and afraid that we will step on the unknown part of the river.

If you are going to swim, you can rent a floating wheel (salva –bida) for P50.

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija


Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

5. Zipline

Zipline Fee is Php 50 only, a very cheap amount to pay to to see the beautiful lime stones and the river on top view. Though we didn’t try it because of time constraint on our itinerary, I asked our guide about it and told me that you have to pay another P50 going back to the starting point or you can trek downward the steep place where you will be landing and hire a raft for you to cross the river to reach your starting point.

6. Walk Up to Minalungao Cross and See Minalungao from the Top

You can also try walking up the 1000 step toward Minalungao Cross and see the beautiful view from the top.

There are is a bathroom and shower room in the park, and you have to pay Php 10 to use it.

Minalungao National Park - General Tinio Nueva Ecija

You will see in our photo that the water is color mud. We missed the pristine green water because of rain fall the previous night. So it is best that you go here in Summer or when the weather is sunny! Plan going here early for parking lot and to avoid many crowd, yes it is frustrating to take a picture when other tourists are taking loooooong time to have their pictures takin in one place.

Again, practice “Leave nothing but footprints, take noting but photographs”. We’ve seen traces of plastics on the picnic area in even in cave.

Clear the Coast: SM by the Bay Coastal Cleanup Drive


Help free our Manila Bay of trash by volunteering at the 2nd annual SM by the Bay Coastal Cleanup Drive (SMBCC)which will be held at the 1.3-kilometer stretch of the SM by the BAY Central Park this Saturday, September 19, 2015. Mounted by SM by the BAY, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Cares, this successful coastal cleanup which started last year is done in support of the International Coastal Cleanup program of the environmental non-profit group, Ocean Conservancy.

This year’s bigger and better coastal cleanup is supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Philippine Coastguard and the local government of Pasay.

The event is expected to attract hundreds of volunteers from different private and non-government organizations and you could be one too! Participants of the Coastal Cleanup can register for the event as early as 5:30 am.SMBTB-Cleanup-Poster-22x28_light

Last year, the Coastal Cleanup drive was able to collect 2,454,500 kilos of trash, including 2,293 pieces of slippers and shoes, 1,813 pieces of food wrappers, 1,495 pieces of take away containers, 998 bamboo and wood, 882 beverage bottles, and 605 cigarette butts. This year, with an even larger area activated for the cleanup, more participants, partners and volunteers were invited to join.

Similarly, and as part of the International Coastal Cleanup program, participants of the cleanup drive will be again asked to document the trash they collect, with the data gathered to be sent directly to Ocean Conservancy.

The SM by the BAY Coastal Cleanup is an annual environmental awareness event wherein the coastal waters of Manila Bay will be celebrated and invigorated, not just for a day, but it will be an active drive that is promoted and supported the whole year-round.

With the continuing support of its local partners and sponsors, SM by the BAY is committed to the environment through raising awareness of ocean conservation, promoting community-based involvement, and improving the quality of the immediate area of Pasay City.

So, guys and girls, ready those shades and sunblock. Time to clear the coast!

Disclaimer: This article is originally posted in Nuffnang.com.ph‘s Page. The author shared this to reach out more volunteers for the good cause of Cleaning the Bay Coast.

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Pasay City, Metro Manila

As a birthday gift for me, Kevin bought me a Folding Bike. But it is not a surprise, since he brought me with him to choose a bike of my choice. Here we are sharing our experience on Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center, Pasay Manila.

Cartemar is a known place for buying pets, pet foods, grooming and accessories. There are also a long straight of tiangge selling shoes and ready-to-wears. But on the side of Cartemar near Leveriza, you can see a long section of bike stores where you can see wide variety of bikes from Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes for hobbyist, cute toddler bikes and others in “hybrid form”.

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

The Bike stores area is a busy place. There are a lot of first timer like us canvassing and window shopping of their desired bikes.

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Bike hobbyist coming around for customization and set-up of their bikes.

Here are a glimpse of the bikes on display in the area.

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

We found a Bike shop called Paulina’s, the first bike shop in the long path of Cartemar. The place has a comprehensive stocks of different bike brands, parts, accessories, and bike wear plus they give discounts. The time we went there, they are on sale!

Outside Paulina’s, you can see different designs of bike, this folding bike design was my first choice.Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

Inside their store you can find bike parts..

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

And on the second floor of their store, you can see different varieties of biking gears and (expensive) bike, a heaven for bike enthusiast I might say. You’ll see that these bikes has 10-25% discount tags but a single bike costs 75,000 or more on their regular price!

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

There are biking shoes which I observed costs starts from 1k above..

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay


Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

There are biking gears like clothes, shorts, shades, socks, hand pads and knee support among others..

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

There are biking head gears also. There are cute doodled hard hats that costs 2,000. Mine, i bought a simple hard hat that costs 500 only.

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay


Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay
My Helmet which matches with the color my chosen bike

We bought an alloy folding bike on a nearby store. The sticker price is 8,500 but we haggled until Php 7,500. The bike weights 14kg which is good for petite frames like me. There are cheaper folding bike that costs around 4,000 but it is heavier..

Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay


Buying a Bike at Cartemar Shopping Center Pasay

We had a problem because Kevin didn’t brought his car and we do not know how to bring it home. We are yet to visit Little Tokyo that afternoon but we do not want to spend much on Taxi. We then decided to buy a Folding Bike bag which costs Php950 at Paulina’s.

Are you also planning to buy a bike for your partner or your kids? Go and visit Cartemar, Shopping Complex Pasay City, Metro Manila.

How To Get There According to Ph-Commute

From Fairview, Quezon City

1. Ride a Bus with sign board LRT-Ayala Leveriza. Drop after the bus took a U-Turn at Leveriza.

2. Ride a jeep to Libertad/Baclaran, and ask the driver to drop you off at Cartimar.

Hope you find this post helpful.

Little Tokyo: a Japanese Restaurant Community in Makati City

Everyone knows in several countries the place: “Chinatown” right? We also have this in the Philippines. But did you know that there’s also a place called “Little Tokyo” in Makati City?

Little Tokyo Makati

Yeah. You heard it right. Little Tokyo. It is located in Makati along Chino Roces corner Fernandez Street. It brings the ambiance of Japan’s capital theme in the place. The old temple style is like in Edo Period. Many Japanese restaurants surround the place and there are many Japanese who come here and it feels like home to them. There’s a grocery store there named Yamazaki too. It can be also a location for a photo shoot for cosplayers. Take a look these pictures and be in awe of the location we just recently went to. We arrived here around 5pm and we observed that the place is still dead. There are some motorbikes parked improperly parked at the entrance and the parking space is still empty. I believe this place is a night place of the Japanese and the Japanese at heart around the area.

Little Tokyo Makati

Little Tokyo Makati

Little Tokyo Makati
A long garden path walk from the entrance/exit to the Little Tokyo entrance Ark. The people on the background has on going cosplay photoshoot
Little Tokyo Makati
There are cute bunny and mother bunnies in the garden.

Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati

The exterior of the restaurants will make you feel that you are really in Japan. Also the interiors will make your Japanese experience genuine. Oishinbo has a little bar I observed from outside, and Wilma is looking forward to experience that, though she’s not an alcohol drinker.

In the evening, the place looks lively and diners mostly Japanese are starting to pour.

Little Tokyo Makati

As you can see there’s a bicycle there. We just bought a folding bicycle before going to Little Tokyo and we included it in our pictures.

Little Tokyo Makati

The restaurants there are quite expensive so wait for it—There will be a next part for the foodie. Try to visit the place and be amazed and feel the little of Tokyo in Makati.

-Kevin, the Lover Boy of the LoversintheCity

Camp Benjamin – Where a New You Begins (Alfonso, Cavite)

I have been in Camp Benjamin(CB) several times, and this recent visit seem to be the best experience for me.

We went to Camp Benjamin as part of a Leadership Conference held by our church. This post will not be a detail event of the summit but a feature of the pure beauty of the place and the experience.

Camp Benjamin is a secure well maintained place located few kilometers after the famous Tagaytay. One of the major considerations during team building and field trip organizers is security and Camp Benjamin have prioritized that area. The place is located in a peaceful barangay of Taywanak-Ilaya in Alfonso Cavite. You will first notice that there is a guarded gate as passageway of all guests, and the rest of the area is strategically enclosed by strong walls and trees.

Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay

Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay

The swimming pool’s architecture is very beautiful.  Though the swimming pool looks one, it has several part: kiddy pool on the upper area, a jacuzzi on the middle (but when we tried, the water is not hot), a relaxation area. The pool is clean and well maintained.

If you are able to choose a room, I advise that you choose a room beside the pool side so you’ll alway see the scenic pool view and the kids happily playing in the swimming pool.

Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay  IMG_8008 Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay


Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Tagaytay
The zip line experience is very thrilling!


  • Catered foods are really nice. And assure that ingredients of the food they prepare are purely organic from their WinFarm.


  • I’ve only stayed in their dormitory. The hallway, common area like the rest room and lobby are clean. They have a clean and comfortable beddings. There are both aircon and fan in every room.
  • Nice and relaxing Christian songs are blasting through the speakers all around the reception area.They have good music, comfortable beddings, adequate bathrooms.
  • Wifi is only available on the front desk lobby.


Camp Benjamin’s Winfarm advocates on natural farming. If you will go at CB, do not miss their tour on WinFarm where they  showcase their garden and agricultural produce. You can also buy their organic produce there.

Team Building Activities and Facilities

  • Camp Benjamin has several team building facilities like zip line, wall climb, pool, tunnels, obstacle courses, bikes, slide bubble tub, wide lawn.
  • Camp Benjamin also specializes on handling corporate and group team buildings. They really compose programs that will suit the need and the nature of the organization.


Staff here are very friendly and accommodating. Most of the staff (if not all) are Christians. Never have I been disappointed every time I came here.

Here is a copy of Camp Benjamin Pricing Flyers as of June 2015. If you are looking for a Team Building Venue near Manila that is affordable, then Camp Benjamin i can say is very good choice.

Camp Benjamin Pricing as of June 2015

Watch this compilation video from my last visit at Camp Benjamin Alfonso, Cavite

You can reach Camp Benjamin at:

Directional Map to Falcon Crest

We fully enjoyed our Summer Camp in Falcon Crest Resort. But as part of the organizing team, one agony that we encountered is how to tell your speakers and late-parties how to go to Falcon Crest Resort, especially it is in midst of rural area and there is no landmark to tell. We also emailed Falcon Crest requesting for a clearer directional map aside from the tiny and NLEX-route posted in their website, but Naaah, no response.

If life gives you lemons, then make a lemonade! We decided to create our own directional map to Falcon Crest and how-to commute. This is very useful for our late-parties, drivers and speakers who will come only on the day of their engagement. Hope this one helps you too..

Directional Map going to Falcon Crest Norzagaray, Bulacan

By Car From Commonwealth Ave to Falcon Crest via Quirino Ave:

  1. From Commonwealth Avenue, take Left turn to Regalado Avenue going to SM Fairview
  2. Follow Quirino Avenue until you reach Norzagaray Municipal Hall (approx 30 Kilometers from SM Fairview to Norzagaray Municipal Hall)
  3. When you reach Norzagaray Municipal Hall, take left turn to take Norzagaray San Jose Road
  4. If you see a Blue Water Station on the right side, then turn left on the street ahead and you will see Falcon Crest

How To Commute Going to Falcon Crest, Norzagaray Bulacan

From Commonwealth Ave.

Option 1:

  1. Ride a Bus Sapang Palay
  2. Tell Bus driver to drop you at Road 2 Sapang Palay
  3. Wait for a Jeep with sign board “Garay” or short for Norzagaray.
  4. Drop at Norzagaray Municipal Hall.
  5. Then take a tricycle to Falcon Crest.

Option 2:

  1. Ride a Bus to SM Fairview.
  2. From SM Fairview, take a jeep with sign board Garay.
  3. Drop at Norzagaray Municipal Hall.
  4. Take a tricycle at the back of Norzagaray Municipal Hall to Falcon Crest.

From Edsa SM North/Cubao

  1. Take Del Carmen bus with sign “Bocaue, Sta. maria , Garden”.
  2. At Del Carmen Terminal, transfer to a jeep with sign board “Garay”
  3. At the Rotunda Crossing near Shell and BPI, ride a tricycle to Falcon Crest.