Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe (Pioneer Street, Pasig)

Raise your hand, if you and your lover have a long list of plans: where to go, dine or visit but the list haven’t been checked for a while because of your busy schedule.

Us, Your Lovers in the City are guilty of this dilemma. We sometimes screenshot or link of posts of our FB friends to note that we will visit this next but the list keeps going. Sometimes, Date night are not enough to go enjoy the place that you wanted to visit or hang out. We are blessed that our bosses are gracious to allow us on time off or vacation leave whenever we want. We took advantage of privilege and decided to check some of our plans. On this Matcha Date, we first went to the dentist, paid our bills, went to the COL in Ortigas to open an account and finally, visited the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

How to Commute to Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

  1. If you are in Shaw Blvd Greenfield District, walk  towards Mayflower Street. At the back of Maynilad, there is a Tricycle Terminal. Ride a Tricycle and tell the driver to drop you Pioneer Street from William Street. If you see an Asia United Bank, walk to the left around 200 meters and you will see the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe.

The Exterior
Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe09

The Interior
The place is big enough to cater at least 20 people. There are four tables which are parallel to the walls of the store. The place is not that busy in day time and is a conducive place for review or reading.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Cake Stand

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Matcha Parfait

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We ordered a Matcha Parfait (P195). It has Motchi Balls, Green tea Ice Cream, Nata De Coco and Corn Flakes. The combination of all ingredients are perfect. The combination of all ingredients is not that sweet, which I really love most.  Just a disclaimer, do not order a piece for sharing. Mabibitin ka!

Our take

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We will definitely go back. The Matcha Parfait is really perfect. Maybe, we will try the other Matcha products like the Matcha tea and cake and the Ramen!

Kisskako Uji Matcha Cafe:

Facebook page
Instagram: @kissako_cafe
Pioneer Street corner Brixton Street, United Avenue Pasig
Store Hours: 10am -10pm
Tel. (+632) 730.3356

Cat Cafe Manila- Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Yours truly is not a Cat person. We have a cat at home for the purpose of threatening the rats around, but personally, i find it clingy and sometime annoying. Kevin on the other hand is a dog person. He even wrap our left over and bones from our packed lunch to feed his dogs when he arrive at their house. But Kevin has a friend couple who treated cats as their baby, and before the year ends, they wanted to  visit the Cat Cafe Manila at Maginhawa St. Quezon City.

The Cat Cafe prefer a reservation before you go there, but if you will go there by walk in, you might be a chance guest if there are few customers. The Cat Cafe interior is small, it can house approximately 20-30 guest simultaneously. There are high chairs on the side, if you do not want to get bogged down by the passing cats. But, I advise you to take an Indian sit around a small table so that you will have an opportunity to have get around gets, play with them and even sit and sleep with them.

Cat Cafe Entrance

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Interior

Cat Cafe Manila Wall Art

Cat Cafe Manila Books and Games

Cat Cafe Manila Wall Art

Cat Cafe Manila Restroom

Before you go inside the Cafe, guests are required to sanitize their hands, read the house rules and take off their shoes. This is for the safety of the cats and the guests as well.

Entrance fee is Php200, good for one hour stay with Php100 consumable for foods. They also give a Membership card where you can have a free drink on your fourth visit and Free entrance fee and 100php consumable on your 9th visit.

Cat Cafe Manila Ticket and Loyalty Card

As I have said in my intro, I am not a cat person. But observing their behaviors made me adore them. The cats in the Cat Cafe are “PusPin” or Pusang Pinoy as my friends call them. They belong to the breed of cats that is commonly domesticated in Filipino household.  Some of the amazing observations I have with them: A cat named Mama Cat is so clingy and malambing. We have just seated on our chosen table and she immediately walked in our middle and took a nap in the lap of my friend. She really wanted to be spoiled. One cat is Ashley. She is a beautiful black cat with an intricate stripes at her spine. During our stay, she just laid in one high chair like she is not on the mood socializing. I do not know, but maybe because we visited during siesta time. Hehe. One cat named .. is just sitting on beside the glass window like thinking deep about something. After seeing them and having a fellowship with them, your mind will change about them. They are amazing! Like us, they are unique, have a certain features, attitudes and even a “mannerism”. The cats in Cat Cafe Manila are also very healthy, they are clean with no cat scent and I can’t believe that their breed will grow as big as a dog.

Cat Cafe Manila Kevin
Mama Cat sleeping on our table.

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila
Ashley sleeping on a tall chair on one corner. The black stripe on her spine is really beautiful.

Cat Cafe Manila   Cat Cafe Manila Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

The visit to the cats alone are sulit na, but the foods are also worth a review. Kevin and I combined our ticket so we had a Php200 consumable. We were able to order a Meowcha cupcake (Php60) and Mango Graham Shake  (P140), both tastes good. The Meowcha cupcake is not that sweet but the coffee flavor of the icing blended well with the base. The Mango Graham is amazing, it really tasted like a Graham Cake but you are eating it through a straw.

Cat Cafe Manila Meowcha Cupcake and Mango Graham Shake
Meowcha Cupcake and Mango Graham Shake

Cat Cafe Manila Cupcake stand

Beside sitting with cats and eating, we were able to play a Cat-oply, a monopoly game with Cat cards. The Cat Cafe Manila has a full stock of card and board games related to cats. Hehe. It is fun to play with your company while consuming your one hour stay chilling with the cats. Of course, you cannot play a full hour with the cats, because they are either asleep or sitting on corner almost all the time.

Cat Cafe Manila Catopoly

They also sell souvenir items related to cats like a flash drive, bookmarks, tickler and ball pens. What really caught my eye from the souvenir shelf is the Mason Jar with a text printed on it- “When I die, the Cat gets everything”! Haha!

Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs
Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs Cat Cafe Manila Souvenirs

If you have fallen in love with one of the cats, they have an adaption program. There is an adaption procedure like screening and interviews that will be conducted with a minimal fee.

Cat Cafe Manila House Rules
Cat Cafe Adoption Program Rules

I wasn’t able to remember and play with all of the cats. But here are their portraits. Believe me, they are all beautiful!

Cat Cafe Manila Cats

Our group really enjoyed our stay! This cafe is indeed worth a visit!

Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila

Second Floor, Maginhawa Building, 189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Open: 12pm-10pm

Cat Cafe Manila Facebook Page

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo (Malakas St., Quezon City)

Andy’s Famous Batangas Limi and Bulalo – Shame to us that we forgot to blog about this amazing restaurant located just behind our work place.

We still remember, January 2015 when this restaurant just opened and its fame quickly spread like wildfire. Morning noon and night, the place is jump packed with customers and many are willing to wait just to taste their delectable Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Goto and silogs. This place is “dinadayo” as we have seen people in group coming here in van just to eat here. Solen Heussa

Andy's Front

Andy's Front Part

Andy’s Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo is strategically located at the back of SSS and East Avenue Medical Center in Malakas Street, and also near Quezon City Hall and Philippine Heart Center. You will see employees from nearby offices eat here during their break time and people from nearby residences buying take out foods here. The place is not air conditioned, so it is really humid here on midday despite numerous electric fans hanging on the wall. The place is small, and has a clean paresan atmosphere. There are long lines at time, so if you are planning to drop by here, make sure it is not on break time and midday, or you can just do take out.

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo

Andy’s Menu and Prices

Us, your Lovers in the City tried almost all of the dishes in their menu. Who wouldn’t, if the place is just nearby your work place, the dishes are affordable and have heard many recommendation and “must try” from word of mouth?

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo
Batangas Lomi (P45 regular)

This Batangas Lomi contains generous toppings: from Special Kikiam, Squid Ball, Liver and Liempo. The regular serving (P45) can be shared by two people, while the Special (P85) can be shared by 3-5 person. A must try!

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo
Sizzling Sisig (P55)

Whenever we see a Sizzling Sisig dish in a menu on any restaurant, we make sure that we try that. Pork sisig here in Andy’s is very tender and tasty perfectly combined with their garlic rice.

Their silogs are very goood, and it is our favorite. You can ask a sabaw of the Bulalo for your silog meal, and it is a perfect combination!

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo
Sizzling Bulalo Steak (P150)

The Sizzling Bulalo Steak is unique as this is the first restaurant we’ve encountered that serves this dish. If you are curious, this is Bulalo sans sabaw in a gravy. The meat is also very tender and tasty.

Because of the success of this new restaurant, come second semester of 2015 and they have successfully opened an extension branch nearby their first store called Andy’s Grill which has bigger menu and serves inihaws. It is also featured in Solenn Heusaff’s show, Taste Buddies.

Andy’s Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo
Address: 98 Malakas St, Pinyahan, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila
Andy’s Facebook Page
Tel: (02) 961 9332
Open: 9AM – 11PM

Aida's Chicken (Makati Cinema Square, Makati City)

Kevin has previously posted that we went to Little Tokyo food compound in Makati. We found the place to be exactly resembling a typical Japanese atmosphere but we also found that the food are really expensive for a not-rich and non-Japanese like us. Hehe. And Since we also bought a bike that day, we decided to spend on a less costly dinner. So from there, we used the OpenRice website to find a decent dining place nearby and we found that Aida’s Chicken is few blocks away.

Aida’s Chicken is a homey atmosphere restaurant that serves Filipino lutong bahay dishes.

The place



There are paintings hanged on all corners and I’d say that all looks good. I am not a professional artist nor a critic so I cannot say the technicalities of it. An observation is most of the paintings depict sensual images that resembles BenCab’s arts in Baguio.



Aidas Chicken Painting

Aidas Chicken Wall Paintings


Aidas Chicken 8

Aidas Chicken 7
Aidas Chicken Menu


Aidas Chicken Executive Menu


Aidas Chicken Foods

The Food
We ordered Salted Fried rice which is good for 2-3person. We asked the crew how salty it is but she said that It is moderately salty. When the rice was served, i then found out that there are daing flakes which makes the fried rice salty.

We also ordered Chicken Sinigang which is also good for sharing. I would say that their Sinigang’s sabaw is one of the perfect sinigang flavor I’ve tasted. The vegetable of the Sinigang were cooked fine but I observed that the chicken are not freshly cooked. I tasted that the chicken might be pre-boiled for quick preparation. But this preparation makes the chicken flavor taste less.

We also ordered Liempo. Also good for sharing.

Overall, we paid php630 and gave some tip. This restaurant is a hidden gem, i might say. You might be turned-off with an old-rustic exterior of Aida’s Chicken, but they serve good, authentic and healthy Filipino dishes.

Aidas Chicken 10

Aida’s Chicken is located in the Second Floor of Makati Cinema Square, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

Mon's Restaurant at Camp Benjamin (Alfonso, Cavite)

Mon’s Restaurant is located inside the Camp Benjamin, a camp site and team building area in  Alfonso Cavite. There is no other restaurant like this in Alfonso Cavite when we searched nearby using OpenSnap App. Mon’s Resto sit on the side of Camp Benjamin’s two dormitory buildings. One thing fascinating about Camp Benjamin is that though it has a modern, well maintained and very nice facilities, it has maintained the trees all around.

Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Exterior
Mon’s Resto is somewhat covered with Pine Trees.


Mon's Resto Camp Benjamin Balcony
If you will sit at the balcony, the experience is quite home-y and will appreciate the cold weather of Alfonso, Cavite which is near Tagaytay.


The type of dining they have is variety of Filipino Cuisine and for kiddies, they have a menu for them like spaghetti, burger. They have a breakfast menu named to the places in the perimiter of Alfonso Cavite.

The price at this restaurant is just as expensive in the restaurants in the malls but the BIG difference of Mon’s Restau is the food their serving. The food they serve is organic and it comes from their farm called Win Farm.

Mon’s Resto Menu

Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu  Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu

In our preference, we ordered adobong manok sa tablea, tokwa’t baboy and garlic rice.

Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu

Tokwa't Baboy at Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamiin
Tokwa’t Baboy


Adobo sa Tablea at Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamiin
Adobong Manok sa Tablea (250php), one of Mon’s Resto’s Specialty


Garlic Rice at Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamiin
Garlic Rice (80php). Good for two serving


All servings are good for two. The Adobong  Manok sa Tablea has a bittersweet taste but it is overall good.

For our drinks, they serve hot and cold drinks (coffee, tea and smoothie). I ordered Latte Machiato while my girl ordered Pandan Tea.

Latte Machiato Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu
Lata Macchiato (80php)


Cold Pandan Tea Mon's Restaurant Camp Benjamin Menu
Cold and Refreshing Buko Panda Tea (105php).


Based on the personal experience of our friends who also dined here, Mon’s Restaurant beverages especially the shakes and smoothies are a must try!

If you ever wondered why we were in this place when there’s places in the metro to search when you use OpenSnap, It is because I’m a south guy and Alfonso, Cavite is my mother’s place so I visit here often. When you go to Alfonso Cavite, Don’t Forget to go to Camp Benjamin and eat at Mon’s Restaurant! It’s worth a visit!

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

Artsy Cafe (Maginhawa Street, Quezon City)

Artsy Cafe – Everything about this place is Instagram worthy.

Yes, that is what I told myself when we entered Artsy cafe. Its facade, balcony, ceiling, walls, floor, drink counter, food, everything, you can effortlessly take a picture and directly post on your social media account.

The Place
Artsy Cafe lies on the far end of the long stretch of Maginhawa Street. If you will come from Philcoa, take the Masaya Road and Turn left on Maginhawa. Artsy Cafe is on the left side. We did not notice an ample parking space aside from the front of the Cafe, but Artsy Cafe is located on the not-so-busy part of Maginhawa so I believe you can easily find a space right across or near it.

The store design is really artsy – the place really justifies the name except for the “cafe”, since they are not offering much on coffee.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Artsy Cafe – exterior
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Balcony/ Smoking Area
Artsy Cafe - View from Balcony
Garden style hangers and glass wall art
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Very nice doodle on the wall
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Artsy Cafe Interior. I imagine a garden and balcony like dining experience when I first entered the place.
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Event the glass at the Food Counter has something artistic to say
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Yes, that typography and who doesn’t love Eiffel on payment boxes?

The Food
Our drinks were served on Mason Jar, creative isn’t? I ordered the Strawberry Mango tea (40php) – I am a tea drinking person and tasted several odd tasting teas already, but this Strawberry Mango tastes well. One thing, since the mason jar is not covered, my hot tea turned cold before we started our food. 🙁

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Strawberry Mango Tea (40php)
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Lemon Basil (80php)

The mint taste of Basil is refreshing and the lemon added just right a citrus taste.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Club Decker (150php) and Chicken Parmigiana (150php)

I was surprised that Kevin ordered two meal for himself – Chicken Parmigiana and Club Decker. Chicken Parmigiana, i can say is worth a try. Though there is nothing special about the garlic and basil pasta, but the Chicken breast Parmigiana topping is thick and tender  which really taste good.

The Club Decker is your ordinary egg and ham sandwich served with french fries that tastes like KFC’s.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potato (180php)

The Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potato(180php) I ordered is also good. The steak is tender and well done and the gravy complemented that mashed potato.

The Service
Response time is reasonable. My order, Salisbury Stake approximately took around 10mins to serve, maybe because it is a steak that needs enough time to be cooked.
Crews hang around so you will easily call them when you need them. But when we asked for our bill, it took some time for them to give our bill despite there are no more customers being served.
And I noticed that they did not count the money inside the payment box like “I received 1000 Mam”.

The Cost
Chicken Parmigiana – 150php
Club Decker – 150php
Salisbury steak – 180php
Strawberry Mango Tea – 40php
Lemon Basil – 80
Total – 600php for two

There is no service charge, so be polite and leave a tip.

Why you should go to Artsy Cafe on your next date?

  • As i’ve said, everything about the place is instagram worthy. This can also be a very nice place for prenup or a wedding reception.
  • The drinks are unique.
  • Maybe I will return for the Salisbury Steak
  • The price is reasonable and the experience is worth your every peso.

Very pleasing decor, super relaxing and gives you a feeling of just being at home. Have you also dined at Artsy Cafe?  Share your experiences and recommended dish on the comment box below.

Pastaholics (Dahlia St. Fairview, Quezon City)

Pastaholics is a restaurant located in Dahlia St. beside the FEU Hospital. During my elementary years (yeah, I’m old now), Dahlia Street adjacent to Regalado Ave were just a simple residential road where many lots are vacant. Twelve years later, Regalado Ave. became the Maginhawa Street of Fairview because of many food establishments constructed here.

One of the food ventures your Lovers in the City have is Pastaholics.The place is seated at the second floor of Dahlia Commercial Complex, it is quite small (approximately has less than 10 tables) but neat and cozy. We went here one Sunday morning so I guess we were one of their first customer. Glad that we came here early because the time that we left, the restaurant is almost full.

The Place

Inside - Pastaholics

Outside - Pastaholics

The Food

Chicken Breast - Pastaholics
I ordered Grilled Chicken Breast (Php 105). The taste is close to the grilled chicken served at fine dine restaurant. Worth more than the cost. 🙂
Stuffed Chicken Fillet - Pastaholics
Kevin chose Stuffed Chicken. The rolled chicken has a sausage inside. Though the serving looks small, Kevin said he is full after he finished this meal.

Ginger Mint Tea - PastaholicsReceipt- Pastaholics

I am into odd and new taste of teas, so I ordered Ginger Mint Iced Tea. It is refreshing and good for those who are unto healthy drinks.

We have a full meal and we honestly enjoy it, and tada! Our bill is only 285 for our two meal, two drinks and extra rice. I believe that the restaurant targets Student and Hospital visitors, and nearby residential areas as primary customers that is why it has an affordable menu without minimizing the quality of the taste and experience. They also offer Student Meal as low as Php 75. Wow.

Your Lovers in the City

Are we going to go back and dine here, Yes, Absolutely!

Have you been to Pastaholics, Fairview? Share your insights and experience on the comment box below. 🙂


Disclaimer: The dining experience at Pastaholics is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

Food Trip Chicken Inasal (White Beach, Puerto Galera)

If you are looking for dining experience that is something special, then I must say that White Beach restaurants are not for you. I observe that most restaurants here serve local foods, so you cannot find new or unique taste here but it is  a very good opportunity  to try Puerto Galera’s variant of famous Filipino food. Another observations is, most staff ushering us in the restaurants nearby are gay (cross dresser and they wear too much make up). But for us, we have nothing about that.. We are after the food and the experience.

So then, we decided to dine here at the Food Trip Chicken Inasal. The place is open and located in front of the beach front, so you can have a very nice view of the beach while dining.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal


Since we are already used to the taste of Chicken Inasal of Mang Inasal (that is famous in Manila), we decided to try the fresh Seafood Fiesta. The staff are accommodating. Our order took around 15-20mins before it was completely served.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal
Seafood Fiesta (Baked Mussels, Inihaw na bangus, Chicken and Pork Barbeque, Shrimps, Stuffed Squid, Salted Egg, Enselada) served with Seafood Soup (previous picture) (950php as I remember).

The Seafood fiesta is good for 5-6 people and served with unli-rice. The seafoods are indeed fresh and well-done. I must say that it is worth the price. Our group of 5 has already eaten full but we have left over viands so we decided to take it out.

FoodTrip Chicken Inasal Beach Front
Beach front of the Food Trip Chicken Inasal


The busy beach front is entertaining, so you will not get bored while waiting for your order, and while dining. There are ecstatic people riding the Jetski, kids Kayaking and playing on the sands, and Flyboarding (this is a must try). Though, there are several vendors came to our table to offer souvenirs and pastries.. Sometimes they can be pushy or “makulit” in offering their goods. I was afraid that time that I run out of polite way to say No to them. But a tip they say, Wag mo silang pansinin para di na mangulit.

Here is Kevin’s Instagram Video of Iron Man ( a man riding the flyboard)

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Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Disclaimer: The dining experience at Luca Cucina Italia is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.


Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Luca Cucina Italia: A piece of Italy on your place

Ambiance Outside at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera

Luca Cucina Italia is located on the far end of Talipanan Beach. During our Puerto Galera stay, our group have stayed in a Camp Rock, a simple Filipino design camp house beside Tamaraw Resort. We already tried foods on a few restaurant in White Beach (which I find ordinary), so we then decided to dine at something extraordinary and which Puerto Galera brag about.. and one that is walk away is Luca Cucina Italia. From Camp Rock, we walked thru the beach front which took us 20-30 mins. The walk is not “nakakainip” because of the nice view and sound of the beach plus the sunset, but if you are a lazy type then you can ride a Tricycle from your lodging to Luca (fare is 100php for the group).

Talipanan beach is quiet and peaceful compared to the busy White Beach. Resorts in the area are few but bigger and looks exclusive.  The beach has few people and mostly foreigners. We are surprised to see that this restaurant is full when we got here.

Ambiance Inside at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera

Comparing to the restaurants in White Beach, I can say that Luca is a fine dine restaurant. There were no staff who greeted us (For me, that is okay). I observe that the staff here are all girls, because in White Beach all I see that most restaurant staffs are gay. A nice looking lady came at our table and took our order. But I say, she is a bit mean. My company asked if the Iced Tea in their menu is Home Blend because it is a little pricey.. but she answered lousily by saying “Iced Tea po, kaya nga Iced Tea eh.”.. Maybe she did not know that there is House Blend Iced tea aside from the Nestea Iced tea in sachet. Forgiven.. But I say it is a minus point to the experience..

It took around 20-30 mins before our orders were completely served. And for the reason that we walked to come here and all our energies were exhausted, we were really hungry and for us, the wait is really long..  But I must say, the food looks and taste good.

Half Open Lucas Pizza at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Half Open Lucas Pizza (Tomato, Ham, Mushroom, Salami, Mozzarella, Onion) (400php)
Vongole at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Vongole Pasta ( Clams and Pesto White Sauce) (280php)
Carbonara at Luca Cucina Italia
Carbonara (Bacon, Egg, White Sauce) (280php)

Prices are reasonable but high compared to the restaurants in White Beach. The serving is big (good for 2-3pax). Kevin and I shared with Vongole pasta, and our group of 5 ordered a Luca Pizza. With my half portion of pasta and 1 slice of Luca pizza, I must say that I am really full when we left the place.

Mozarella at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Mozarella in Carrozza (Fried Mozarella with French Fries) (260php)
Drinks at Luca Cucina Italia Puerto Galera
Vanilla Shake (70php) and Hot Choco (40php). The Vanilla shake tastes like a combination of Buko and Pineapple shake ( I am not sure if my order is served correctly). Its taste is good, though a bit new to me as a Vanilla drink.

Visit their website at

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  1. Luca Cucina Italia (Talipanan, Puerto Galera)

Disclaimer: The dining experience at Luca Cucina Italia is paid by your Lovers in the City (Wilma and Kevin). All texts included in this post is an opinion and based on the personal experience of the writer.

I-Try mo ang TriMo Shawarma Co!

Shawarma (n) – a kind of food that came from Middle East and it’s made from meat with pita.

At first, I don’t want to eat Shawarma just because I’m picky with foods and especially, veggies. But one day my friend introduced this food to me, and it was fine. But come 2012. I’ve come to taste a very delicious Shawarma – it is not the typical shawarma which all ingredients are all wrapped in pita but all ingredients are plated like sisig (and sliced pita as toppings) and it paired with rice. I didn’t know it is possible until I tasted one. That’s the time I fell in love in Shawarma, and the place that served that memorable food is named Tri-Mo Shawarma Co (yes, what a funny witty name)!.

Tri Mo Shawarma Fairview Quezon City

Tri Mo Shawarma Fairview Quezon City

The Shawarma meat is  perfectly minced and tender,  and the vegetable complements the taste (though you can choose a pure-meat serving). The pita bread is solid, soft and heated just right. The sauces (garlic yoghurt and spicy) enhances the taste of the Shawarma. The serving is good for sharing but i bet you will be selfish when you tasted how good this food is.

(image credit to

The first time I went here, Tri-Mo Shawarma’s place is still like a Karinderya but it is already known as the best Shawarma in Fairview, Quezon City Area. Now it’s place has improved into a spacious fast-food like dinners. The place is usually a midnight tambayan and you will have to wait for a long queue to place your order at their counter, but It is always worth it! People who eat here usually come in group and has car. Parking space here is scarce.

Tri Mo Shawarma long lines for order

Tri Mo Shawarma Fairview Quezon City

The long line of customer and many vehicles parked nearby means the place is not an ordinary place to eat from. In it’s menu are: Beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Sisig, Barbeque, and more. Price of regular shawarma (wrapped in pita) starts at 75php with options of all meat, with cheese, with veggies, and the  sisig like Shawarma starts at 120php.

As for we, the lovers in the city, this place is a must-return place. We eat here from time to time and it always feels like the first time, “hindi nakakasawa”. And since I’m a rice type eater, I can’t get enough of it. We already dined here with Wilma’s siblings and with my friend, Antonette.

It is a far place to come when you’re not located in Quezon City. So bring friends and plan to go here. So far, this is the only Shawarma place where you can have Shawarma as a viand. So I-Try mo ang TriMo Shawarma Co!

Tri-Mo Shawarma Co is located in Ascension Ave, Lagro Subdivision Quezon City (near Lagro church). The place is open from 2:30pm to 4am.Come early if you want to be served quickly. “Ticket Lines” open at 5pm.

Lover boy of