Surprise Box

When you are on a long work related trip out of town and you really miss your partner so much. It is a delight to my heart when Kevin put a small red box in my office table and saw this Suprise! When you are on a long work related trip out of town and you really miss your partner so much. It is a delight to my heart when Kevin put a small red box in my office table and saw this Surprise!

Every girl no matter how old they are will surely be touched by the thought and effort exerted on this Surprise Box! Make sure to make your girlfriend one!

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe (Pioneer Street, Pasig)

Raise your hand, if you and your lover have a long list of plans: where to go, dine or visit but the list haven’t been checked for a while because of your busy schedule.

Us, Your Lovers in the City are guilty of this dilemma. We sometimes screenshot or link of posts of our FB friends to note that we will visit this next but the list keeps going. Sometimes, Date night are not enough to go enjoy the place that you wanted to visit or hang out. We are blessed that our bosses are gracious to allow us on time off or vacation leave whenever we want. We took advantage of privilege and decided to check some of our plans. On this Matcha Date, we first went to the dentist, paid our bills, went to the COL in Ortigas to open an account and finally, visited the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

How to Commute to Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

  1. If you are in Shaw Blvd Greenfield District, walk  towards Mayflower Street. At the back of Maynilad, there is a Tricycle Terminal. Ride a Tricycle and tell the driver to drop you Pioneer Street from William Street. If you see an Asia United Bank, walk to the left around 200 meters and you will see the Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe.

The Exterior
Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe09

The Interior
The place is big enough to cater at least 20 people. There are four tables which are parallel to the walls of the store. The place is not that busy in day time and is a conducive place for review or reading.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Cake Stand

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

The Matcha Parfait

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We ordered a Matcha Parfait (P195). It has Motchi Balls, Green tea Ice Cream, Nata De Coco and Corn Flakes. The combination of all ingredients are perfect. The combination of all ingredients is not that sweet, which I really love most.  Just a disclaimer, do not order a piece for sharing. Mabibitin ka!

Our take

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

We will definitely go back. The Matcha Parfait is really perfect. Maybe, we will try the other Matcha products like the Matcha tea and cake and the Ramen!

Kisskako Uji Matcha Cafe:

Facebook page
Instagram: @kissako_cafe
Pioneer Street corner Brixton Street, United Avenue Pasig
Store Hours: 10am -10pm
Tel. (+632) 730.3356

SM Mall of Asia FREE Baggage Storage

If you happen to have loads of luggage with you (i.e you came straight from the airport) and you need to go to SM MOA, there is a Package Pick Up service and it is absolutely free.

It is located on Ocean Drive. On the Ground floor, at the back of the Skating Rink (outside the mall), turn right, then you will see a drive-thru like window where you can deposit your things. The window is sandwiched between two pedestrian crossings.

A Disclaimer: Customers are discouraged from leaving valuables in the luggage they will deposit. The Package Pick-Up will not be held responsible in the event that these valuables are lost or damaged.

You may find the SM MOA’s Package Pick Up service at this Site.

This service is not known but we’ve seen foreigners and even locals entrust their items here.

Little Tokyo: a Japanese Restaurant Community in Makati City

Everyone knows in several countries the place: “Chinatown” right? We also have this in the Philippines. But did you know that there’s also a place called “Little Tokyo” in Makati City?

Little Tokyo Makati

Yeah. You heard it right. Little Tokyo. It is located in Makati along Chino Roces corner Fernandez Street. It brings the ambiance of Japan’s capital theme in the place. The old temple style is like in Edo Period. Many Japanese restaurants surround the place and there are many Japanese who come here and it feels like home to them. There’s a grocery store there named Yamazaki too. It can be also a location for a photo shoot for cosplayers. Take a look these pictures and be in awe of the location we just recently went to. We arrived here around 5pm and we observed that the place is still dead. There are some motorbikes parked improperly parked at the entrance and the parking space is still empty. I believe this place is a night place of the Japanese and the Japanese at heart around the area.

Little Tokyo Makati

Little Tokyo Makati

Little Tokyo Makati
A long garden path walk from the entrance/exit to the Little Tokyo entrance Ark. The people on the background has on going cosplay photoshoot
Little Tokyo Makati
There are cute bunny and mother bunnies in the garden.

Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati Little Tokyo Makati

The exterior of the restaurants will make you feel that you are really in Japan. Also the interiors will make your Japanese experience genuine. Oishinbo has a little bar I observed from outside, and Wilma is looking forward to experience that, though she’s not an alcohol drinker.

In the evening, the place looks lively and diners mostly Japanese are starting to pour.

Little Tokyo Makati

As you can see there’s a bicycle there. We just bought a folding bicycle before going to Little Tokyo and we included it in our pictures.

Little Tokyo Makati

The restaurants there are quite expensive so wait for it—There will be a next part for the foodie. Try to visit the place and be amazed and feel the little of Tokyo in Makati.

-Kevin, the Lover Boy of the LoversintheCity

Artsy Cafe (Maginhawa Street, Quezon City)

Artsy Cafe – Everything about this place is Instagram worthy.

Yes, that is what I told myself when we entered Artsy cafe. Its facade, balcony, ceiling, walls, floor, drink counter, food, everything, you can effortlessly take a picture and directly post on your social media account.

The Place
Artsy Cafe lies on the far end of the long stretch of Maginhawa Street. If you will come from Philcoa, take the Masaya Road and Turn left on Maginhawa. Artsy Cafe is on the left side. We did not notice an ample parking space aside from the front of the Cafe, but Artsy Cafe is located on the not-so-busy part of Maginhawa so I believe you can easily find a space right across or near it.

The store design is really artsy – the place really justifies the name except for the “cafe”, since they are not offering much on coffee.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Artsy Cafe – exterior
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Balcony/ Smoking Area
Artsy Cafe - View from Balcony
Garden style hangers and glass wall art
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Very nice doodle on the wall
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Artsy Cafe Interior. I imagine a garden and balcony like dining experience when I first entered the place.
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Event the glass at the Food Counter has something artistic to say
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Yes, that typography and who doesn’t love Eiffel on payment boxes?

The Food
Our drinks were served on Mason Jar, creative isn’t? I ordered the Strawberry Mango tea (40php) – I am a tea drinking person and tasted several odd tasting teas already, but this Strawberry Mango tastes well. One thing, since the mason jar is not covered, my hot tea turned cold before we started our food. 🙁

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Strawberry Mango Tea (40php)
Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Lemon Basil (80php)

The mint taste of Basil is refreshing and the lemon added just right a citrus taste.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Club Decker (150php) and Chicken Parmigiana (150php)

I was surprised that Kevin ordered two meal for himself – Chicken Parmigiana and Club Decker. Chicken Parmigiana, i can say is worth a try. Though there is nothing special about the garlic and basil pasta, but the Chicken breast Parmigiana topping is thick and tender  which really taste good.

The Club Decker is your ordinary egg and ham sandwich served with french fries that tastes like KFC’s.

Artsy Cafe - Maginhawa Street Quezon City
Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potato (180php)

The Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potato(180php) I ordered is also good. The steak is tender and well done and the gravy complemented that mashed potato.

The Service
Response time is reasonable. My order, Salisbury Stake approximately took around 10mins to serve, maybe because it is a steak that needs enough time to be cooked.
Crews hang around so you will easily call them when you need them. But when we asked for our bill, it took some time for them to give our bill despite there are no more customers being served.
And I noticed that they did not count the money inside the payment box like “I received 1000 Mam”.

The Cost
Chicken Parmigiana – 150php
Club Decker – 150php
Salisbury steak – 180php
Strawberry Mango Tea – 40php
Lemon Basil – 80
Total – 600php for two

There is no service charge, so be polite and leave a tip.

Why you should go to Artsy Cafe on your next date?

  • As i’ve said, everything about the place is instagram worthy. This can also be a very nice place for prenup or a wedding reception.
  • The drinks are unique.
  • Maybe I will return for the Salisbury Steak
  • The price is reasonable and the experience is worth your every peso.

Very pleasing decor, super relaxing and gives you a feeling of just being at home. Have you also dined at Artsy Cafe?  Share your experiences and recommended dish on the comment box below.