Angkas Padala App – Review

Angkas Padala App Review

A review of Angkas Padala App

I did some house cleaning during the Holy Week vacation and found several items that are still good but I really wanted to let go because it is occupying much space in my room. Some are still usable and in mint condition and I feel like I will be irresponsible if I will just throw them away. So I decided to post on Facebook Marketplace.

One of it is my wedding accessories that I used during our wedding. Those are really memorable stuff but I will no longer use it again so I posted it for Php300 including my hair accessories.

I was surprised that after few hours, I got several inquiries already. One interested buyer is really swift and would want to get it that day. She was willing to shoulder the shipping cost cause the items are a good deal already. She advised me to use the Angkas Padala App and told me that I can book a rider and will even pick the item right on our doorstep even if it is already late at night.

Decided to book it morning while I am in the office the next day but I already downloaded the App that night.

You just need basic information like your full name, email and mobile number. A notification code will be texted to your mobile number to verify your registration.

Angkas Padala App

Booking a Rider is as simple as hailing a Grab Taxi. You will type your current location as the Pickup Point or the app will automatically set it when your Location Setting is on. You also type the Destination or pin it up to accurately set the destination.

Before actually booking it, the app will display the Fare, the computed distance between the pickup and destination locations, and the riders nearby. After booking it, your rider information is displayed and the estimated arrival time of the rider.

Angkas Padala AppAngkas Padala App

There is an option to contact the rider in the app, just in case you have special instruction.

After 5 minutes, the rider contacted me that he already arrived at the gate of our office and where specifically is. The rider was polite and instructed me to accomplish the form expecting both the information, address, contact number of both sender and receiver. The rider asked for s favor to contact the receiver that he is already on the way so that he will be expected.

Fare from East Avenue to Greenhills is only 90php and arrived in less than 15 minutes. The receiver paid for the parcel’s fare. One good thing about the app is that you can monitor real-time the location of the rider during the transit of your parcel.

The Angkas Padala can also be used as a ride sharing where you will also ride with the driver. They arrive with an extra helmet. Haven’t tried it yet but i think it is good to use when there is a scarcity of public transport around and you do not want to spend a hefty amount on taxi fare. Will update this post when I availed of that service.

The app is good and served me well with the service that I needed. A good alternative to Couriers that offers door to door pick up and delivery service. A good choice also when you need to have an item delivered immediately into a different location.

The App is available both on iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: The review of the Angkas Padala App is purely based on my own initiative and opinion.